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Blondies Kitchen gets a permanent spot at Selfridges

Blondies Kitchen have been popping up in the food hall at Selfridges serving up all manner of cookie treats but they've clearly been very popular indeed as they've grabbed themselves a permanent spot. And while you'll still see some of the classics making an appearance (including salted dark chocolate and coconut cookie dough) - it's given them a chance for a lot more specials too. On the list will be these new additions:

  • The Nana: Dark chocolate, banana (£3.50)
  • The Milk n Dough: Classic choc cookie dough with a shot of milk (£2.95)
  • Funfetti Dought: Cookie dough with sprinkles (£2.95) plus more toppings (Sprinkles, Flake, Salty Pretzels) for 50p

Plus there's a new weekly special - the pretty huge Cookie Pizza with weekly changing flavours including "Nutella/Peanut Butter" or "Unicorn poop pizza (buttercream)" each for £30 or £3.75 a slice. So if you want a full-on cookie fest, you know where to go.

What: Blondies Kitchen

Where: Selfridges

When: 14 September 2017

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @blondieskitchen.


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