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A whole host of top chefs were to be found in the City this morning as Action against Hunger held its charity breakfast at Le Coq D’Argent to launch its Fight Hunger/Eat Out campaign. Hot Dinners spotted Giorgio Locatelli, Marcus Wareing and Oliver Rowe among the chefs giving their support to this good cause.

Head chef of the group was clearly Raymond Blanc who told Hot Dinners he was passionate about the cause. ‘We’re talking about millions of people who are malnourished – for all of us it’s a serious situation where each of us have a part to play – do the best we can to raise as much money as possible. We’re so lucky in the West,’ he added, gesturing at the plates laiden with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs beside him, ‘look at that breakfast table!’

'We’re not bankers, we’re not rich in money, but we’re chefs – we’re rich in food,’ said Launceston Place’s Tristan Welch. ‘It’s the least we can do to give our time to such a good cause.'

That sentiment was echoed by The Cinnamon Club’s Vivek Singh who told us; ‘We see so much food being wasted in kitchens and on the other hand we see people around the world dying of hunger, so therefore this is a charity that resonates with us.’

From now until 31 October 2010, hundreds of Michelin star and independent restaurants, chains, cafes and gastropubs are going to be inviting diners to donate some small change at the end of their meal, which will go towards fighting child hunger in some of the world’s poorest countries, including Niger, Pakistan and Liberia. To find out who’s participating in the campaign, go to to the Action Against Hunger website.

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