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rotisserieWe rather love the fact that Islington's LeCoq aren't content to sit on their laurels. Which is why, despite their usual rotisserie fare being so popular they're taking it off the menu entirely for a series of Monday night events. "We've invited a load of our favourite chefs to take over our beloved rotisserie for a night and cook whatever the hell they want," is how they explain it.

The Rotisserie Takeovers will happen one Monday every month and kick off with an impressive get - Ben Tish of the Salt Yard Group. He'll be doing an Iberico Pork Feast for which, among other things, he'll be cooking presa.

To tie in with that (and to celebrate that April is apparently Natural Wine Month) LeCoq's are teaming up with wine importer Les Caves de Pyrenes to create a list of "delectable and appropriately mad wines" to accompany Ben's food.

Ben Tish's Rotisserie Takeover at LeCoq will take place on Monday 28 April 2014. To book call them on 0207 359 5055 or email Tickets are £40 for the food. Watch out for other takeovers which include Honey & Co and Christian Angius from Coppa.

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