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animaThey may be forecasting frost in London and it certainly feels cold enough to freeze the balls off the proverbial brass monkeys, but here's a nice summery story to take your mind off the sheer awfulness of the summer so far.

In less than three short weeks, City restaurant L'Anima will be devoting an entire week to the most summery of drinks, the Bellini. Bellini Week will run from 3-8 June celebrating the start of the white peach season. L'Anima bring in the fabulous fruits all the way from Northern Italy’s Emilia Romagna region where they're in season from the end of May until mid-August.

All week, bar staff at L'Anima will be showcasing the the traditional way to make the Bellini - blending the white peaches with Prosecco while leaving the soft rose skin on half of the peaches to give the long drink its unique taste and colour. Pop in after work one day for one and take advantage of L'Anima's aperitivo with roasted peanuts, Puglia olives and tomato bruschettas served up as free pre-dinner appetisers.

Bellini Week at L'Anima runs from 3-8 June 2013 at 1 Snowden St, Broadgate West, London EC2A 2DQ. Read L'Anima reviews here.

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