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There was really only one event in town you had to be at last night and that was the annual Auction Against Hunger. Earlier on, our online auction for them had raised a massive £14,858.85 (and once again - thank you all!.) A stellar line-up of chefs and street traders set up stall at Street Feast in Dalston to offer the lucky ones who'd managed to get tickets a top night out. So chefs like Nuno Mendes and Jose Pizarro rubbed shoulders with B.O.B's Lobster and Kimchinary and London's foodies got to eat and drink like kings.

Comperes Gizzie Erskine and Tim Hayward whipped the crowd into a frenzy, pumping them up for bidding and the grand total came to £126,196 - an amazing amount for the best of causes. To find out more about the great work Action Against Hunger is doing, take a gander at their website. And to torment yourself with photos of the food being served up last night, work your way through our gallery below.

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