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Speaking to Jasper Gerard in today's Telegraph, Alain Ducasse – whose restaurant at the Dorchester moved up to three Michelin stars last week – has been singing the praises of the London restaurant scene.

In particular, Ducasse who himself has a whopping 19 stars to his name now, has a serious dig at the UK Michelin Guide.

‘There has been a revolution in London in the last 10 years,’ he says. ‘The restaurant scene is very interesting. Michelin should give it more stars; it’s mean. You should interview the editor and ask him why [he doesn’t]. London is the most important city in the world for restaurants. It was level with New York, but the product has developed more here in the last five years. I think Michelin is a bit conservative.’

Ducasse goes on to mention three London restaurants he visited recently which he thought were brilliant – they are Le Café Anglais, Roka and Launceston Place.

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