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A 3D printing restaurant is coming to London

We do love the idea of 3D printing and harbour a not-so-secret desire to one of the gadgets for our home. But if you ever wondered how it could be used in a restaurant, that's about to be answered as Food Ink, the "World's First 3D Printed Restaurant" comes to London.

Everything - the furniture, utensils AND the food is all from 3D printers. Throughout the day it'll be open for people to wander through and taste some 3D printed snacks - and then in the evening, there will be a nine-course menu, printed real-time in front of the diners. The menu is being put together by Joel Castanye and Mateu Blanch - Castayne runs La Boscana in Spain and previously worked ar El Bulli.

If you can't get a ticket - you will be able to watch the event on a live stream. Yes - not quite the same thing, but still. 

Food Ink runs from 25-27 July at 8 Dray Walk, London E1 6NJ. And you can preview the space from 2-6pm on 25-26 July. Tickets go on sale soon - keep an eye on this page

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