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It's the season - if, like us, you flipping adore Brussels sprouts, then this is your time. We've rounded up some of the more inventive ways to enjoy one of our favourite vegetables around town at the moment.

First up, there's the sprout pizza...


Then there's sprout tapas


Sprouts with truffles? £10 at Portland


Sauteed... - £4 at Ceviche Soho


Sprouts pasta? - Papparedelle and sprouts at Bernardi's



Raw sprouts - with Pecorino, hazelnuts and Speck, £17 at Spring




Did someone mention battered sprouts? Yours for £2.50 at Sutton and Sons

battered sprouts

And if all else fails, grab some tortilla chips and break out the M&S Brusselmole - in stores now. And yes, it IS a real thing.


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