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The sun is BOUND to come out from time to time this summer - and when it does, you'll need a plan of how to make the most of it. So here are all our key guides to eating outside, hiring picnics, dining on rooftops and more...

10 summery London dishes to beat the heat


Too hot to eat? Never! We pick out some of the best dishes to order in London's restaurants this summer, that are guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed.

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The best rooftop eating in London

John Lewis

Isn't there something rather magical about being up in one of London's summer rooftop spots? Down below is the rest of the city with all the crowds and the exhaust fumes; and there's you, looking out over the rooftops with an amazing view, a lovely cocktail in your hand and the promise of good food on the way. Here's our pick of the best new rooftop takeovers for summer 2018.

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The best new alfresco restaurants for 2016

Joe Public

The sun is shining and everyone in London has the same idea as you - to find the perfect restaurant table in the sunshine to while away a lunchtime or evening. Get the jump on everyone else by using our guide to new alfresco spots that have all opened since last summer.

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Where to get a ready-made picnic in London

Bull and Last

As the sun beats down on London, more of us are heading outside for alfresco feasts in the parks, on the canal or, basically, anywhere the sun hits. But forget lugging around a basket of warm sandwiches from home, here are the best places you can buy a ready-made picnic to enjoy at your leisure along with suggestions of where to have it.

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Best places to eat near London's attractions

nathistoryPhoto by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Looking for somewhere to take the family out to eat where the menu isn't all nuggets and pizza? We pick the best restaurants, that also happen to be child friendly, near the big tourist attractions

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Best new ice cream and lollies to eat this summer in London


Whatever the weather, here's our pick of some of the best new ice cream treats in London you should be trying this summer.

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