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The joy of being in London over the Easter weekend is that it's often MUCH easier to get into restaurants PLUS there's more free time to try them out too. Or it would be if some pesky restaurant folk didn't want to take a holiday too.

But we're here to the rescue. Every year, inspired by our original list created by Louis Fernando (aka Tuck & Vine), we have a very handy spreadsheet that will tell you which of London's hottest restaurants are actually open over the weekend. It's a must-read if you're in London and planning to eat out. 

We'll admit it's not an exhaustive list - but we've tried to pull together some of the best in town.

And we've also tried many, many, MANY, different ways of having the actual list on the site - but in the end, the spreadsheet is always the easiest way by far. So, celebrate not being at work poring over Google spreadsheets by spending the weekend perusing this spreadsheet to a great meal out instead. 

Click on this link to find out what's open - and start planning your four days of eating. 

Hot Dinners recommends

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