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Yes, the summer - and for once a good summer - is coming to a close. But Autumn is always an exciting time for new restaurant openings and this year is no exception. So let us guide you through some of the ones to watch this year...



Red Farm

What: NYC dim sum fave comes to London

Where: Covent Garden

Reason to be excited: When dim-sum guru Joe Ng and restaurateur Ed Schoenfeld first opened Red Farm in NYC, Manhattanites went nuts for what the New Yorker described as the "Jewish-deli/Chinese-restaurant mash-up" or should that be "Upper West Side Haute Chinese-American" as Serious Eats dubbed it. Either way, they've got a three storey prominent site in Covent Garden (just next to the other NYC import Balthazar so they should be right at home here) so we really hope that means their crazy basement bar Decoy will make the trip across the pond too.

What you're going to want to order: The Pac-Man shrimp dumplings - expect your Instagram feed to be DELUGED with these.

When it's opening: Late August/early September we hear

Find out more about Red Farm


kerridgecorinthiaKerridge’s Bar & Grill

What: Top Michelined and TV chef's first London restaurant

Where: Westminster

Reason to be excited: For starters, it's quite the most beautiful dining room - the work of the late designer David Collins which has now been updated by his studio, ready for Kerridge's arrival. And then, of course, there's Kerridge. He's got a Michelin-starred pub, he's on TV the whole time and this is his first London restaurant. So yes, it's going to be a big deal.

What you're going to want to order: Something from the huge meat fridges on the wall. How about dry aged rib of beef from The Butcher’s Tap with ox cheek bordelaise?

When it's opening: 10 September 2018

Find out more about Tom Kerridge at the Corinthia



What: Ex Tamarind chef goes it alone

Where: Chelsea

Reason to be excited: For starters, it's the first solo restaurant by chef Peter Joseph who's been running the show at Michelin-starred Tamarind for a decade before this. And then there's the promise that he'll be getting Chelsea folk to dispense with cutlery and really get stuck into the "progressive" Indian food he's going to serve up.

What you're going to want to order: Cauliflower is SO last season. Here it's all about the Tandoori broccoli marinated in honey and served up with nigella seeds and wheat crisps.

When it's opening: 10 September 2018

Find out more about Kahani


loveckyTwo Lights

What: Clove Club chef goes American

Where: Shoreditch

Reason to be excited: Anything the Clove Club guys do turns to gold, so we're expecting big things from Two Lights, which sees their head chef Chase Lovecky opening just down the road from the original restaurant. 

What you're going to want to order: We have no idea at this stage - but have been told to expect his take on American food. 

When it's opening: September 2018

More about Two Lights


Blacklock spreadBlacklock Shoreditch

What: The third coming of chops

Where: Shoreditch

Reason to be excited: We do love a Blacklock restaurant. If you haven't been yet, they have been serving up chops and cocktails for a fiver (and a lot more besides) in Soho and The City and have amassed huge fans in the process. This latest addition adds a proper bar - so expect more on the cocktail front too. 

What you're going to want to order: It has to be the chops piled on flatbread. Unmissable if you're yet to be acquainted with Blacklock.

When it's opening: 24 September 2018

Find out more about Blacklock Shoreditch


ktmKym's by Andrew Wong

What: A Wong's second restaurant

Where: Bloomberg Arcade, The City

Reason to be excited: Even before winning a Michelin star last year, A Wong's restaurant in Victoria had been lauded as one of the best in the city - with the dim sum menu being a must-experience. This is the last restaurant to open in Bloomberg Arcade and they're clearly finishing strongly. Expect "a creative interpretation of classic Chinese dishes".

What you're going to want to order: We think the Chinese Sunday roast menu sounds very intriguing - but we'd also really go for a "Chinatown pineapple bun with custard".

When it's opening: September 2018

More about Kym's



What: The Westerns Laundry crowd do baking. No Dolly Parton, alas. 

Where: Newington Green

Reason to be excited: Westerns Laundry was our favourite restaurant of 2018, so it goes without saying that we're quite excited about their next venture. They haven't strayed too far, opening on Newington Green. They're teaming up with a farmer to create breads, pastries and pastas from specially selected farm crops. It'll be part bakery, part restaurant and cafe. 

What you're going to want to order: Definitely the bread and pasta - but frankly we'll have the 1kg T-bone with parmesan and rocket too. 

When it's opening: September 

More about Jolene


hiccedesignEverything at Coal Drops Yard 

What: A heap of great restaurants in a new quarter

Where: King's Cross

Reasons to be excited: Lawd - where to start? I mean we've had new developments with multiple restaurants open before like the Bloomberg Arcade and Nova Victoria, but the hit list here at King's Cross is just so interesting.

There's The Coal Office at Tom Dixon (from Assaf Granit of The Palomar) three spots from the Hart Bros including a new concept wine bar The Drop, a vermuteria from Anthony Demetre, the former Murano Head Chef Pip Lacey is opening Hicce here, and that's before we get to the grilled cheese sarnies from Morty & Bob's or the chocolate shop from Alain Ducasse.

Either you'll want to hit everything in an epic restaurant crawl or slowly pop back again and again to try them all out.

When it's opening: 26 October 2018 is the official opening date, but stuff is already opening - The Coal Office appears to be open, although we haven't had confirmation of that.

More about The Drop, or Barrafina, or Casa Pastor

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More about Morty and Bobs

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What: Philippines chicken and spaghetti in London 

Where: Earl's Court

Reason to be excited: It seems that quite a few people are VERY excited about Jollibee's arrival in London. This fast food restaurant from the Philippines (which is a huge thing there) mixes a menu of fried chicken with spaghetti - and it's earned some fervent admirers. Even the late Anthony Bourdain was impressed

What you're going to want to order: The chicken and spaghetti, of course!

When: September/October

More about Jollibee



What: Ex Gymkhana chef does kebabs

Where: Soho

Reason to be excited: Chef Kian Samyani previously cooked at Gymkhana and Brigadiers and is moving on to open this restaurant that focuses on Persian kebabs. And he's got the backing of his old bosses too - as the JKS group are behind Berenjak (they also opened Bao and Lyle's). The kebabs will be cooked over charcoal and will be given a British twist. 

What you're going to want to order: The kebabs are clearly the main event, but the quail stew and blackened aubergines with whey sound tempting too. 

When it's opening: October 2018

More about Berenjak 



What: Salon's Nicholas Balfe opens a second place.

Where: Peckham

Reason to be excited: For five years Nicholas Balfe has been growing his reputation in Brixton, first as the Head Chef of his Salon pop-up, which then became a residency and eventually turned into a fully fledged restaurant, wine bar and wine shop operation. Here in Peckham for his second space he's taken inspiration from the Parisian bistronomy movement. Oh and he's doing breakfast for the first time too.

What you're going to want to order: It's all kinds of yes to the idea of a potato, chanterelle and Vacherin pie. But we also really fancy the prospect of a sweet cicely-infused margarita too.

When it's opening: October 2018

More about Levan



What: Roux Jnr Jnr's restaurant

Where: Notting Hill

Reason to be excited: Under any other circumstances, poaching the Head Chef and Maître d'Hotel from Le Gavroche would be the kind of thing Michel Roux Jr would take a pretty dim view of. But given it was his daughter, Emily, doing the poaching, then presumably he wasn't too annoyed. The dream kitchen team of Emily Roux and Diego Ferrari are promising something that reflects both their heritage - so a bit of English and a bit of Italian.

What you're going to want to order: Lord knows. No-one's seen a menu or even an idea of dishes. But there was some mention of chocolate pizza on their Instagram feed.

When it's opening: October 2018

More about Caractere


adriaroyalCakes and Bubbles

What: The "world's best pastry chef" comes to London

Where: Piccadilly Circus

Reason to be excited: On the one hand, the Cafe Royal has pretty poor form when it comes to opening new restaurants. But on the other hand it IS Albert Adrià. One half of the Adria brother double act is going to be behind this dessert temple and if you have a remotely sweet tooth you ought to be putting this on your must-try list.

What you're going to want to order: The cheesecakes. He's bringing over the Tickets hazelnut and white chocolate cheesecake from Tickets and he's creating a London version of it. You'll want to have an opinion on both.

When it's opening: November 2018

More about Cakes and Bubbles



What: Wilde's (of Sager and) own restaurant

Where: Dalston

Reasons to be excited: This comes from Charlotte Wilde who's moved on from Sager and Wilde to launch her own restaurant in Dalston. She's teamed up with Dan Wilson (ex Dandy) in the kitchen and the people behind one of our fave Dalston bars Nine Lives are in charge of the cocktail list. And the wine list chosen by Wilde herself should be pretty special too. 

When it's opening: September/October 2018

More about Darling


handlingbelmondAdam Handling at Belmond Cadogan Hotel London

What: Adam Handling's new hotel venture

Where: Knightsbridge

Reasons to be excited: Since opening The Frogs Adam Handling has become a bigger star on the London feed scene. But before that, he first gained plaudits as the Head Chef of Caxton at the St Ermin Hotel. This sees him returning to the hotel scene, but this time backed by Belmond - the same people behind Le Manoir - for their swish new Cadogan hotel in Knightsbridge. Expect more high-end Handling here.  

When it's opening: Autumn/Winter 2018

More about Adam Handling at Belmond Cadogan Hotel London


And there's more...

There's so much opening this Autumn that we have a few more restaurants to highlight:

  • The man behind the launch of Riding House Cafe and Blixen is coming to Tower Bridge with Provisioners.
  • Can Mark Wahlberg make decent burgers? We'll find out with Wahlburgers.  
  • Also on the fast food front, Wingstop has a huge following in the US and now they're coming to London. 
  • Fortnums are heading to the Royal Exchange and they'll be opening a restaurant too.
  • Will the legendary Salt Bae open his Nusr-Et Steakhouse this Autumn? We'll have to wait and see...
  • The hidden-away Ecclestone Place will have Tart London in charge.
  • And Michelin starred Quique Dacosta should be opening his InPaella restaurant.

 For the full list of ALL the restaurants getting ready to open in London, see our Coming Soon page.

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