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We update this list monthly with the restaurants causing the biggest stir in town - the ones which reviewers are thrilled about, where tables are like gold dust or places that are just serving the most interesting and inventive food in town right now (if you're looking for all-time classics, see our Top 40 - London's Best Restaurants feature) but these are the hottest at this very moment, in alphabetical order...



Where: 107 Upper Street, London, N1 1QN

In a nutshell: James Cochran comes to Islington

Buzz surrounding this Islington opening was high, even before a single pot had boiled. Not only was Cochran dealing with legal issues surrounding the trademarking of his own name, but he was also flying high in the current series of The Great British Menu. Good job then that the food more than lives up to the hype. Jay Rayner said of the buttermilk rabbit "I could eat bowls of it. Only professionalism stops me doing so."

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Where: 39 William IV Street, London, WC2N 4DD

In a nutshell: Ex Locanda Locatelli chef does fresh pasta in Covent Garden

This Covent Garden pasta restaurant shows that there's still plenty of room for fresh pasta done well in London. It comes from Louis Korovilas, who has earned his pasta cred working for Georgio Locatelli. Expect affordable fresh pasta, some great counter dining action and, as Grace Dent puts it "Bancone’s gimmick is that you get a really lovely dinner and you don’t weep when the bill appears. It’s a trend that I hope will run and run."

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Where: 27 Romilly St, Soho, London W1D 5AL

In a nutshell: Smart but traditional Persian-style kebabs and more

Berenjak is from JKS restaurants, the folk responsible for Brigadiers, Hoppers and Bao - to name a few - so they've a good track record which continued with Berenjak. "Good kebabery skills," said food and wine writer Zeren Wilson on Instagram. "I went to a preview last week and loved it," said Bloomberg's Richard Vines on Twitter. More recently, Giles Coren described the kebab torki as "your classic student Saturday night nosh to the power of ten".

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Where: Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, E1 6JJ

In a nutshell: Ex Kitty Fisher's chef Tomos Parry's Shoreditch restaurant

He was an instant hit when he started at Kitty Fisher's (after a successful stint at Climpson's Arch) so all eyes were on Tomos Parry for his next venture. An impressive open kitchen sets the scene, making the cooking over fire central to the restaurant experience. And a partnership with the people behind Noble Rot means that the wine's pretty decent too. Expect wonderful cooking - the turbot and the beef chop should both be on your list. And don't miss the small plates, as Keith Miller in the Telegraph says - "spider crab, one of many Basque touches on the menu, was tossed with cabbage – perfect with its slightly funky flavour – and fennel." And of course, it's also won a Michelin star too.

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Where: 1 Westgate Street, London E8 3RL

In a nutshell: P Franco open their first standalone restaurant

The much-loved Clapton wine bar was always a highlight of East London when it came to food. Then they went one step further, opening their first full restaurant in Netil House where Ellory used to be. Grace Dent raved about the restaurant, saying "They made me enjoy things I thought I hated and gave me tastes I’d never imagined before." James Ramsden (co-owner of Pidgin and Magpie) said their Cantonese style duck hearts were the "best thing I've eaten all year" and Instagrammer Felicity Spector found herself "literally gasping in admiration at a dish of crab in a kind of ajo blanco." The FT's Tim Hayward concurred, admiring the kitchen team's "quiet self-confidence".

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Cakes and BubblesNEW: Cakes and Bubbles

Where: Hotel Cafe Royal, 10 Air St, Soho, London W1B 4DY

In a nutshell: Albert Adria comes to London to do spectacular things with cakes

Albert Adria's Tickets in Barcelona is one of the city's, er, hot tickets (and on the World's 50 Best list) - so his arrival in London was always going to be a big deal. This sees him taking over the cafe at Hotel Cafe Royal with his very singular take on sweet things. Everything's very unique, none more so than the amazing looking cheesecake, which looks like a hunk of cheese. You just might have seen that popping up on Instagram...

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Where: 209 Westbourne Park Road, London W11 1EA

In a nutshell: Michel Roux Jr's daughter, Emily Roux's restaurant with her husband Diego Ferrari

When anyone in the Roux family opens a restaurant here, people take notice and judging from the first reviews in, they'd be right to. "Serious cooking, serious service, in a room without pretence," said Tom Parker Bowles in the Daily Mail. "Not so much mini-Gavroche as major Caractère." Blogger Andy Hayler was similarly enthusiastic, calling it "one of the best London restaurant openings for some time".

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core2Core by Clare Smyth

92 Kensington Park Rd, London W11 2PN

In a nutshell: Newly two-Michelin-starred powerhouse in Notting Hill

Clare Smyth was in charge of Gordon Ramsay's Royal Hospital Road restaurant, keeping its three stars for a number of years. So all eyes were on Michelin to see how they'd reward her own place - which they did by taking it straight to two stars - a big accolade. Together with chef Jonny Bone, she's been winning plaudits after plaudits at the moment - don't be surprised to see this get three stars next year.

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Coal Drops YardCoal Drops Yard

King's Cross, London N1C 4PQ

In a nutshell: The new King's Cross designer space has a LOT of restaurants and bars in it

Just like Victoria's Nova development and the City's Bloomberg Arcade before it, this new shopping/eating/drinking space at the back of King's Cross is impossible to ignore. This time though the space is physically beautiful (thanks Thomas Heatherwick) - and the mix of restaurants suitably eclectic from three by the Hart Bros Group to a Vermuteria by Anthony Demetre and that's even before we see what Pip Lacey's Hicce, the new Morty and Bob and Bodega Rita's is going to be like. "Team Barrafina smashed it already," said the Guardian's Bob Granleese on Instagram, "Well of course they did."

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3 Prince Edward Road, Hackney Wick, E9 5LX

In a nutshell: Seasonal dining in Hackney

Tom Brown's had plenty of seafood experience, most recently at Outlaw's at the Capital - but now he's opened his own place in Hackney and there's still plenty of seafood on the menu. Food blogger Elizabeth Auerbach said she "was immediately impressed with his cooking from the first bite on" and Giles Coren declared the food "out of this world... I’ve never been one for tarama on veg. So I smeared it on their otherworldly sourdough toast with dripping and my eyes just rolled back in my head …".

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HicceNEW: Hicce

Coal Drops Yard, Stable Street, London N1C 4AB

In a nutshell: Ex Murano head chef Pip Lacey's restaurant overlooking Coal Drops Yard

This sees Pip Lacey opening in a prime position in Coal Drops Yard, a much-anticipated restaurant for the ex Murano Head chef. The light and airy space also features a great bar space - very handy to know about if you're in the area. As for the food, it's a mix of small plates, cooking over fire and seasonal dishes. And some bloody great bread too. 

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21 Newington Green, London N16 9PU

In a nutshell: The Westerns Laundry crowd on Newington Green (inc bakery)

Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim and David Gingell, who brought us Primeur and Westerns Laundry, have stayed local with their third opening. This time they've joined forces with Groove Armada DJ-turned farmer Andy Cato to open this all day space. "So impressed with the on-site milling and the real dedication to producing the best tasting bread." said Instagrammer Felicity Spector. Jimi Famurewa in ES Magazine said "winter is coming. And I can think of far worse places to hibernate than Jolene."

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kerridgeKerridge's Bar and Grill

Corinthia Hotel, Whitehall Pl, Westminster, London SW1A 2BD

In a nutshell: Tom Kerridge leaves Marlow for London

Tom Kerridge has been a Marlow institution for years, well before his TV fame, and his Hand and Flowers pub is still the only pub in the UK to have two Michelin stars. This sees him finally arriving in London with an opulent restaurant at the Corinthia. And the critics are loving it too as Grace Dent said "This is a British restaurant that celebrates British things in a charming and non-laboured manner" while Giles Coren praised the truffled egg: "Magnificent dish. Creamy, lush, properly seasoned again, nice and salty."

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KutirNEW: Kutir

10 Lincoln St, London SW3 2TS

In a nutshell: Rohit Ghai (ex Gymkhana, Jamavar) goes to Chelsea

Rohit Ghai was one of the driving forces behind Gymkhana and its Michelin status and had similar success with both Jamavar and Bombay Bustle. This latest restaurant sees him going properly alone with a beautiful place in Chelsea. It's early days but Chris Pople has already raved about the "Nargisi Kofte with an insanely flavoured tomato/bone marrow curry that’s one of the best things I’ve eaten all year".

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19 Bloomberg Arcade, London EC4N 8AR

In a nutshell: A Wong comes to the City

Andrew Wong's eponymous A Wong restaurant has been a hit in Victoria for years, finally winning a Michelin star last year. And now he's joined the restaurants at Bloomberg Arcade bringing in a menu that's influenced by Chinatown and a bloody great big tree in the middle of the bar (it's rather impressive). The restaurant has got a five-star review from Fay Maschler while Marina O'Loughlin in The Times said: "Kym’s is a palpable, scalable, eminently saleable hit."

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64 Grafton Way, London W1T 5DN

In a nutshell: Selin Kiazim's Oklava follow-up

Selin Kiazim's Oklava in Shoreditch has been a quiet, consistent hit, so there was always going to be a lot of attention on their follow up. This Fitzrovia restaurant sees her once again teaming up with Oklava's Laura Christie for this Turkish restaurant. And it's already impressed The Standard, as David Sexton said: "Kyseri is a treat of the kind that only a restaurant culture as vigorous and varied as London’s makes possible."

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18 Phipp Street, London EC2A 4NU

In a nutshell: Michelin-starred Ellory moves to Shoreditch

A big hit in London Fields - and Michelin-starred to boot - there have been changes for Ellory. They've moved from their original digs into the heart of Shoreditch and changed the name in the process (it was the nickname of the original). With that comes more of a bistro focus. David Sexton was a fan of their asparagus dish - "This felt like a delicious rebuke to the sloppiness of asparagus with hollandaise, an impressive composition more than it was commonplace food." And Grace Dent declared the move a total success saying: "Ellory was good – we all loved Ellory – but Leroy is much, much better."

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LevanNEW: Levan

12-16 Blenheim Grove, London SE15 4QL

In a nutshell: Peckham restaurant from the people behind Brixton's Salon

Levan is the next restaurant from Nicholas Balfe, the man behind Brixton's Salon. This time he's opened in Peckham with a new all-day affair and a close eye on a low-waste approach. Jimi Famurewa in ES magazine has already been highly impressed, saying "though Peckham has long been on every Londoner’s cultural radar, it has just been given another hell of a boost."

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Market Halls VictoriaNEW: Market Halls Victoria

Terminus Pl, Victoria, London

In a nutshell: Food hall to the power of 10 in Victoria

Market Halls have already had plenty of success with their first venture in Fulham, but the Victoria opening has seen them kick it up a notch with some top class options. In one fell swoop, they've brought in Roti King, Koya, Monty's Deli, Bunshop from the people behind The Marksman and lots more besides. It's already hugely popular and that's even before they've opened the roof. A must-visit if you're in the area.

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sambalSambal Shiok

171 Holloway Rd, London N7 8LX

In a nutshell: Laksa and more as this Malaysian restaurant goes permanent

Sambal Shiok has been popping up in various locations all over town for five years, serving up great Malaysian food - and most importantly what's viewed by many as the BEST laksa in town. Now owner Mandy Yin has set up a permanent position on Holloway Road, and she describes it as "like a ramen bar but instead focusing on Malaysian Nyonya laksa". In a visit to the pop-up, Jay Rayner said " It’s powerful, satisfying and for me at least, the very stuff of memories." And visiting the new restaurant, Giles Coren said: "Sambal Shiok is a place of joy and great cooking."

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stleoSt Leonards

70 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4QX

In a nutshell: Brunswick House's Jackson Boxer teams up with chef Andrew Clarke in Shoreditch.

With hits like Brunswick House (and the much-missed Rita's), all eyes were on Jackson Boxer's next opening, St Leonards which has taken over the big Shoreditch space vacated by Eyre Brothers. Teaming up with Andrew Clarke, they've the very best mix of raw bar delights mixed with flaming cooking (and a spacious bar space that is much-needed in the area). Jay Rayner hints that it may divide people - "Dinner at St Leonards, lubricated by well-priced, classic French wines, is not so much a meal out as a funfair ride." However, Marina O'Loughlin is in love: "To my “ideal restaurants” list, I’m now adding St Leonards. It has all the hallmarks of a classic in the making."

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twolightsTwo Lights

28-30 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DA

In a nutshell: The Clove Club goes American

London's foodie crowd have been vying for tables at Two Lights since it opened and the feedback for chef Chase Lovecky's modern American food is broadly good. Chef Tom Hunt says it reminds him of Wildair and fellow chef Lee Westcott praised the "relaxed vibe, tasty food and great drinks."  Fay Maschler was a fan of the crab on chips: "Crabmeat wreathed in light mayo topped with sprigs of vegetable pickle on batons of finely layered deep-fried potatoes so greaseless they leave no trace on the paper beneath is just a brilliant notion. "

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Ones to watch, open now...

From London's recently-opened restaurants here are the ones who aren't quite ready for the list but are worth keeping an eye on...

  • Roe - The latest restaurant to open in Pop Brixton, this seafood spot is getting very good early buzz
  • Calcutta Canteen - Coming from Asma Khan/Darjeeling Express, popping into this pop-up for a bun is essential
  • Lino - Coming from the ex-Head Chef of the Dairy, this Smithfield restaurant and bar is worth keeping an eye on.
  • Fare Bar and Canteen - The latest from the people behind Sager and Wilde.
  • Gridiron - this Mayfair restaurant has Hawksmoor's Richard Turner and wine writer Fiona Beckett on the dream team
  • Tamarind Mayfair - the previously Michelin-starred restaurant returns after a big revamp


Ones to watch, open soon...

As the end of the year draws near, things get a little quiet - but we think there's one restaurant you should be looking out for, and that's...

  • Din Tai Fung - uber-popular Taiwanese dumpling restaurant opens in Covent Garden. Very quietly soft-launching at the time of writing. 


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