The best coffee available in the UK by post - subscriptions, single packs, gift boxes & more

For many, coffee is the one thing you definitely don't want to run out of. And now there are lots of coffee subscriptions and deliveries to make sure you're always able to make a cup when you need it. We've rounded up some of the UK's best.  


Artisan Coffee CoArtisan Coffee Co

Backed by Ashley Palmer-Watts (Ex Dinner by Heston) Artisan Coffee Co not only has a range of coffee but also chocolate flights designed to pair with each of their main blends. Alongside larger packets, they also deliver smaller sachets, ensuring your coffee stays fresher longer. 

Available as: Beans, various grinds, sachets

Prices: Bags start at £9.50.

More about Artisan Coffee Co


Balance CoffeeBalance Coffee

Balance Coffee comes from James Bellis who worked in the coffee industry for large coffee companies before going it alone, creating Balance Coffee during the lockdown. They concentrate on speciality grade coffee, ethically sourced from around the world. They even have online barista training videos.

Available as: Beans, various grinds

Prices: Subscriptions start at £8.50 with a choice of weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries.

More about Balance Coffee


Batch CoffeeBatch Coffee

Batch coffee taste and review coffees from around the world, with the best making it into the regular subscription box. All the coffees you're sent will have online reviews and plenty of guides and gear are available too. 

Available as: Beans, various grinds

Prices: Subscriptions start at £14.49 for two bags with a choice of fortnightly or monthly deliveries.

More about Batch


Chimney Fire CoffeeChimney Fire Coffee

Originally set up in a garden shed, Chimney Fire Coffee are now based in Dorking and specialise in sourcing and roasting ShareTrade coffee and have a number of awards to their name too. There are three types of subscriptions - House, Discovery and Fine - or a mix of all three and they also run tasting workshops at their roastery.

Available as: Beans, various grinds

Prices: Subscriptions starts at £7 a month

More about Chimney Fire Coffee


Difference CoffeeDifference Coffee

Difference Coffee was set up by Amir Gehl who specialises in supplying Michelin-starred restaurants, with both Anne-Sophie Pic and Pierre Gagnaire featuring his coffee. The company source their coffee from "legendary" estates and it's been ranked as the highest-graded coffee. So if you're after something a little special, this is the place to come. They also have a particularly fancy gold-plated espresso cup.

Available as: Nespresso-compatible pods

Prices: Prices start at around £25 for 10 capsules

More about Difference Coffee


Django CoffeeDjango Coffee

Django took its inspiration from Melbourne’s coffee scene, returning to the UK and directly sourcing beans from around the world, with a view to cutting out the middle man. They hand-roast the beans three times a week themselves in small batches, aiming for the freshest coffee possible. At the moment, their coffee is sourced from Peru, Rwanda, El Salvador and more.  

Available as: Beans, various grinds

Prices: Subscriptions start at £30 a month for weekly deliveries. 

More about Django Coffee


Dog and HatDog and Hat

Dog and Hat source their coffee primarily from UK-based roasters with ethical sourcing practices (plus a few European roasters too). Their subscription packs will include different roasters every month, including Climpsons, Caravan, Gentlemen Baristas and dozens more, so you'll be trying new blends all the time. 

Available as: Beans, various grinds

Prices: Subscriptions start at £17 a month

More about Dog and Hat


Gentlemen BaristasGentlemen Baristas

The Gentlemen Baristas have coffee shops across London, but also now deliver their coffee online. They roast the beans themselves and if you're looking to get the very best from your coffee, they also run an online coffee school.

Available as: Beans, various grinds

Prices: Bags start at £10

More about Gentlemen Baristas



Probably best known for their London coffee bars, Grind have also set up their own Grind at Home brand. You can buy a tin initially and subscribe for regular refills (including compostable Nespresso-compatible pods). Choose from their house blend, black blend (designed to work without milk) or decaf. 

Available as: Beans, various grinds, Nespresso-compatible pods

Prices: Tins start at £9 for coffee, £10 for pods. Refill subscriptions from £13

More about Grind



Hasbean, based in Stafford, roast their coffee to order every working day of the week. They also have a huge amount of subscription options for you to either pay up-front or go for direct debit. Those subscriptions will send out various coffees or you can buy specific packs, choosing by region or blend. Coffee is sourced direct and there are bios of all the coffee producers too. 

Available as: Beans (inc unroasted), various grinds

Prices: Weekly subscriptions start at £7.50

More about Hasbean


Independent Coffee BoxIndependent Coffee Box

This company does what it says on the tin, promoting and delivering coffee from independent roasters across the country (within days of being roasted). They delivery whole-bean only, so you'll need a grinder (which they also sell, just in case). It's subscription only, but there's a gift box option too. 

Available as: Beans

Prices: From £18.99 a month

More about Independent Coffee Box


Kiss the HippoKiss the Hippo

As well as cafes in Richmond and Fitzrovia, Kiss the Hippo have a subscription service. They roast their direct-trade coffee in Richmond, and 80% of the coffee they source is from organic farms and they also operate as a carbon negative company. Each pack comes with tasting notes and they also sell a large range of coffee equipment. 

Available as: Beans

Prices: From £9 a month (first pack free)

More about Kiss the Hippo


PactPact Coffee

Pact Coffee were one of the first of the new-wave of coffee subscription services in the UK and they're still going strong. They buy their speciality-grade coffee at origin through Direct Trade (an average of 55% on top of Fairtrade rates) with a focus on profitability for farmers. Plans can be continually changed and adjusted to needs and you can choose from house blends through to their "micro-lot" premium coffees. You can also buy coffee by the bag which includes a "Bourbon Cream" espresso.

Available as: Beans, various grinds, Nespresso compatible pods

Prices: From £6.95 a bag.

More about Pact Coffee


Perky BlindersPerky Blenders

Immediately winning kudos from us for the excellent name, the family-owned Perky Blenders offer five different blends, including single-origin and their own blend of the month, sourced from two different beans every month. They started as a coffee street trader and now have four cafes alongside their coffee business. Outside of lockdowns, they also offer tours around their roastery. 

Available as: Beans, various grinds

Prices: From £19.50 for a three-week sub (bags from £7.50)

More about Perky Blenders


Rave CoffeeRave Coffee

Based in Cirencester, alongside more traditional blends and single-origin coffee, Rave offer cold-brew coffee packs (and a special cold brew gift set too). They'll also sell green coffee beans if you fancy roasting them yourselves. All subscriptions come with monthly tuition cards covering subjects likes growing, roasting, brewing and tasting coffee. So you get to learn a bit about your coffee too. 

Available as: Beans, various grinds, Nespresso compatible pods 

Prices: From £6 a bag 

More about Rave Coffee


Redemption RoastersRedemption Roasters

If you want your coffee to come with a side order of doing good, then ordering from Redemption Roasters is a no-brainer. Their roastery is situated inside HMP the Mount prison where they train prisoners up so they can find work as baristas upon release. And of course their coffee is ethically sourced.

Available as: Beans, various grinds, Nespresso compatible pods  There's also a coffee subscription option too.

Prices: From £9.99 a bag 

More about Redemption Roasters


Rise CoffeeRise Coffee

Rise is another company that started during lockdown, which inspired them to start a coffee club that they said would "open up a world of coffee for us to try". Each monthly box contains cards that illustrate the origin of the beans as well as recipe cards and a monthly treat (which has included chocolate and liqueur in previous boxes). 

Available as: Beans, various grinds

Prices: The main box is £16.99 every month which includes two bags and a treat.

More about Rise


The Roasting ShedThe Roasting Shed

This small-batch coffee roaster is based in Hackney Wick, with three coffees available for a subscription. One of the best added-extras of a Roasting Shed order is their twist on the buy one, get one free offer. For every pack you order, they'll send one to the NHS or a vulnerable person - an idea well worth supporting. 

Available as: Beans, various grinds

Prices: From £10 a week (a bag to you and one to gift) - price includes free shipping.

More about The Roasting Shed


The Roasting ShedSolo Coffee

If cold brew is your thing, then you definitely need to know about Solo Coffee. They are the UK's first bag-in-box cold brew available on subscription. Each box is filled with lovely cold, black, ready-to-drink speciality coffee brewed for 16 hours in cold filtered water. There are 15 servings per box.

Available as: Bag in box

Prices: One off box costs £19.95 but you save 10% if you subscribe and get regular deliveries.

More about Solo Coffee


The Watch HouseWatch House

As well as expanding their coffee shops in London, Watch House have entered the delivery and subscription business (even delivering worldwide). They've split their coffee into three categories - Rituals, Ventures and Rarities - and they're roasted at the company's home in Maltby Street. 

Available as: Beans, various grinds

Prices: From £28.50 for a three-month subscription 

More about Watch House


Weanie BeansWeanie Beans

Weanie Beans first started in West London as a coffee stall and now has its own roastery in North London. They roast their coffee in small batches using coffee sourced from a mix of direct and fair trade. Their subscription will send a different single-origin coffee every month and they also have special gift packs. 

Available as: Beans, various grinds

Prices: From £6.50 a bag 

More about Weanie Beans


Wood Street CoffeeWood Street Coffee

Based in Walthamstow, Wood Street have a subscription service that specialises in single-origin coffee, roasted in small batches. If you're not sure what kind of coffee you really need, they've also created an interactive coffee picker alongside brew guides for various coffee types. 

Available as: Beans, various grinds

Prices: From £6.50 a bag 

More about Wood Street Coffee


See also:

Altitude Coffee - an independent coffee roaster based in East London founded by a former pilot sourcing beans from around the world.

Bailie's Coffee - No, it's not the booze, instead, this Bailie's partners with farmers across the globe with a large range available.

Black Insomnia Coffee - if you really want to stay awake, this is very strong coffee.

Blue Coffee Box - From Canterbury, they send out boxes with three selections of coffee

Cafe Direct - one of the oldest in the business, they've been running for over 25 years.

Clumsy Goat - Fairtrade coffee, roasted weekly

Cricklewood Coffee Roasters - the North-west London roasters started at the local station before launching their own subscription service. 

Dark Arts Coffee - a Hackney-based roaster that also does a great line in merch

Extract Coffee - based in Bristol, with ethically sourced coffee from a vintage roaster

Origin - their coffee is all direct-sourced. 

Ozone - the cafe now has its own subscription service

Proper Coffee Co - coffee sourced globally, and they have a monthly coffee club too. 

Hundred House coffee - Shropshire based, where they roast in a converted barn. 

Union Coffee - So popular they've had to stop subscriptions temporarily, but you can join their waitlist. 


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