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We LOVE a good martini and here are some of our favourite places to enjoy a martini around London. 


Vestal Martini at Ladies and Gentlemen 


When you've created your own vodka, you ought to be able to turn out a decent vodka martini and happily the one at this underground Kentish Town bar is up there with the best. Owner Johnny Borrell is also the man behind Vestal potato vodka and that's what this classic is made with.


Savatore Calabrese's martini at the Donovan Bar


Back in the day, Duke's Bar's reputation as one of London's best places to get a martini (see below) was forged by the redoubtable Salvatore Calabrese running the show in the early 80s. He's now at the Donovan Bar at Brown's Hotel in Mayfair where he's still turning out legendary martinis.


Vodka martini at The Whip, Mayfair 


Look, if a bar owned by Chase Vodka can't put up a decent martini, then we might as well all go home. Thankfully it does a very creditable version at this spot upstairs at The Running Horse and it's a good price too for the area.

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The Martini trolley at The Connaught Bar 


One of the truly great places to enjoy a martini in London. The tableside trolley service is a theatrical delight and it's fun trying to decide which of their fruit or herbal vermouths we want to try this time. Total joy.

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Old school at Bellamy's in Mayfair


A relatively new discovery for us was the bar at Bellamy's this year. Hidden down the same mews as The Guinea, this charmingly old-school restaurant and bar serves a wonderful martini that's practically a bargain for Mayfair. 

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The Martini Trolley at Dukes Bar 


Every list of London's best martinis includes a reference to the amazing martinis at Dukes in St James which come with a whole lot of tableside theatre. We FINALLY went along to try them this year - find out what we thought below.

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Ice cold in Soho at L'escargot 


Hands-down one of the best vodka martinis we've had in the last 12 months, this came as a bit of a surprise, but a very welcome one, at the start of our dinner here.

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Classic Martini at The Magritte Bar at The Colony


While this was part of the Corbin & King group, this was the place we were most often found sipping a Martini. Prices have stepped up a bit since it was bought by the Barclay brothers, but it's still a great bar. Slip into a booth - you're going to want to people watch here - and enjoy a generous and well-made Martini.

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