Parrillan opens a new grill terrace at Borough Yards, and adds an indoor restaurant too

Parrillan opens a new grill terrace at Borough Yards, and adds and indoor restaurant too

They already have a mini-empire at Coal Drops Yard in King's Cross with Casa Pastor, Barrafina, Parrillan and The Drop and now The Harts Group are doing something similar at Borough. El Pastor is well established, but with the new Borough Yards development, the group are adding a Barrafina, a new-style Parrillan and Bar Daskal too. 

First up is Parrillan, a grilling spin-off of Barrafina, first launched at King's Cross. As with the original, it'll have an outside terrace where the tables have individual grills - but the Borough outpost will also have an indoor restaurant too where the chefs take control. That means there will be a lot more on offer. 

The menu has been devised by their Chef Director Angel Zapata Martin, and includes:

  • Serviola esqueixada - shredded salad with raw serviola
  • Iberian pork ‘manteca’ - whipped lard with paprika over rillettes of the pork
  • Fresh peas, fried egg and butifarra
  • Whole Dover sole, agua de Lourdes
  • Milk-fed lamb cutlets
  • Wood roast shank of veal 

On top of that, there's a dessert that should be pretty striking - Piña Catalana - which is crema Catalana served inside a pineapple. 100% yes to that.

As for the terrace part, that'll seat around 40 - but there's also an extra section described as a "lounge area with sofas and armchairs" for drinks. So that'll be something to hunt out as the weather improves. 

There will also be a Barrafina opening at Borough Yards - that's to come later in Summer 2022


More about Parrillan

Where is it? 4 Dirty Lane, London SE1 9PA

When does it open? 6 May 2022

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @parrillanlondon.


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