Mao Chow is moving and transforming into Facing Heaven

Mao Chow is moving and transforming into Facing Heaven

Vegan restaurant Mao Chow has come to an end - but Facing Heaven is rising to take its place.

Julian Denis, the man behind Mao Chow, has closed that restaurant in Hackney but is opening just around the corner in a new guise. It's a bigger space which means that they can do a little more with the menu, broadening their influences to take in Cantonese, Yunnan and Shaanxi cuisines as well as adding in a few Puerto-Rican, American and Portuguese (influenced by Denis' time in LA). 

Dishes are going to include:

  • A version of Macau Style Baked Pork Chop Rice - but using coconut rice, melted cheese and crispy oyster mushroom chops
  • Spicy And Numbing Twice Fried Jerusalem Artichokes with Green Chilli Dip
  • Stir-Fried Blood Sausage (a vegan version, of course) with Lacto Chilli and Fresh Garlic
  • Dongpo Cauliflower
  • Whole Sizzling Aubergine
  • Malta Caramel and Strawberry Powder Ice Cream Sundae

On top of that, they'll be changing things up at the weekend with Hot Pot Sundays. The restaurant now seats 28 and there will be a big round table with a lazy Susan in the middle of the room - handy if you're coming in a larger group.


More about Facing Heaven

Where is it? 1a Bayford Street London E8 3SE

When does it open? 11 March 2022

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @facing_heaven@facing_heaven@facing_heaven.


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