Top chefs and farmers join the Culpeper for a regenerative agriculture festival

regenerative agriculture event at the culpeper

If you don't mind a little forward planning, there's a festival of food and drink coming to London in January that we think you should know about. The Culpeper Family of pubs (The Duke of Cambridge, The Green, The Culpepper and The Buxton) are hosting Regenerative Agriculture - a Conversation. The two day event will feature panels and dinners involving key people working to regenerate the UK's food systems.

To that end you can buy tickets to talks involving:

  • Glen Burrows, founder of The Ethical Butcher
  • Farmer Oscar Harding from Duchess Farms
  • Abi Aspen, Head of Grains
  • Max Ruddle, the regenerative sheep farmer
  • Richard Ballard of Zero Carbon Farms
  • Henry Astor, of Bruern Farms

There are also two key dinners that should sell out quickly. Tim Spedding, ex-The Ledbury and Clove Club, will join The Duke of Cambridge chefs for a one-of-a-kind dinner on 21 January with Tutto Wines. And Matt Chatfield of The Cornwall Project will be cooking with The Culpeper chefs for a special dinner using Matt's Cull Yaw on 20 January.

"This event is about opening up conversations and asking the right questions," the organisers say, "encouraging people to make better choices when it comes to sourcing and consuming food."

It certainly sounds like an illuminating way to start 2022.


More about Regenerative Agriculture - a Conversation

When is it? 20-21 January 2022

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @theculpeper


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