Junsei brings yakitori to Marylebone

Junsei brings yakitori to Marylebone

What: Junsei

In a nutshell: Yakitori in Marylebone

Summing it all up: Junsei is all about yakitori skewers cooked over Binchōtan Japanese Charcoal. There are over 20 skewers available, not to mention charcoal seared Wagyu and more...

The low-down

We're very partial to a yakitori restaurant here at Hot Dinners, so news of more skewer action always gets our attention. 

Junsei (meaning ‘pure’ in Japanese) is the first restaurant from chef Aman Lakhiani who has worked at Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant Dos Palillos in Barcelona. He's teamed up with Rizwan Khan, recently GMs at Cinnamon Club and Kanishka. 

Here, they're focusing on skewers grilled over Binchōtan, a white charcoal using Japanese oak (where that "pure" name comes from) which cooks at very high heat and should result in skewers that aren't over-smokey.

There are over 20 skewers on the menu, including shiso breast with ume, heart, crispy skin, tsukune and neck, all coated in house tare (soy sauce, sake, mirin and sugar, aged over decades) or shio salt, before grilling and caramelising over the Binchōtan. They'll also have veggy options, including shiitake mushrooms, soy-marinated quail eggs and fried tofu with ginger and spring onion. 

Alongside the skewers are sharing plates and they'll include cuttlefish somen with a cucumber mirin soy sauce and A4 Wagyu seared at the table (with more of that Binchōtan) while desserts include smoked birch creme brulee and strawberry mochi. There's also an omakase menu with eight skewers as part of it (including some exclusive to that menu). 

As for drink, there will be a sake and shochu menu and a Japanese-inspired cocktail menu, with drinks like the Gin² - which is hot lemon gin foam with cold orange and lemon gin granita as well as their Whiskey Highball with Sekforde orange, whiskey and English plum syrup.

All in all - sounds very promising.  


More about Junsei

Where is it? 132 Seymour Place, Marylebone, London W1H 1NS

When does it open? 22 June 2021 (soft launch from 22-30 June with 50% off food)

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @junsei_uk.

Photos by Laurie Fletcher

Junsei brings yakitori to Marylebone


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