Kineya Mugimaru udon noodles arrive at St Pancras

Kineya Mugimaru udon noodles arrive at St Pancras

Another Japanese udon chain has set its sights on London, this time choosing St Pancras as its base (as part of the food outlet section at the north end). As reported first by Big Hospitality, Kineya Mugimaru is opening in the station concourse. 

The noodle bar already has 500 stores across Japan, Hong King and the US - so we wouldn't expect this to be their only London site either, particularly as (in the UK) it's from the person who brought us Wasabi and Kimchi. 

At St Pancras, the noodles will be made fresh daily, with a strong focus on vegan dishes. Given the location, it's set up for dine-in (albeit on the concourse) or takeaway. The menu promises:

  • Kitsune Udon - Udon noodles in Kineya's Original Broth, Inari, topped with spring onions
  • Kamaage Udon - Udon noodles in hot water, served with ginger, spring onions and Dashi Tsuyu dipping sauce on the side
  • Zaru Udon - A traditional cold noodle dish with freshly made Udon noodles in Zaru Dashi Broth, ginger, topped with spring onions.
  • Japanese curry made with tempura chicken thigh, potatoes, onions and carrots served with sticky rice.
  • Beef Gyudon - Beef brisket, topped with pickled ginger, a poached egg served on a bed of sticky Japanese rice

That's just a small taster and you can expect tempura and gyoza alongside those. Plus, because it's in a concourse, it is considered to be "outdoor" under the current guidelines - so you can also eat here with your friends.


More about Kineya Mugimaru

Where is it? Unit 27B, The Circle St, Pancras Station London N1C 4QP

When does it open? 14 December 2020

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @kineya_UK.


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