Humble Chicken will be Angelo Sato's Soho yakitori bar

Humble Chicken will be Angelo Sato's Soho yakitori bar

What: Humble Chicken

In a nutshell: Soho yakitori 'comb to tail' joint

Summing it all up: Chef Angelo Sato brings a slice of Japan's yakitori style to the heart of Soho with a restaurant focused on using every part of the chicken.

The low-down

We've been following the path of Angelo Sato for a while now. The Japanese born chef who moved here at the age of just 17 to work for Clare Smyth at Gordon Ramsay on Royal Hospital Road has had quite the career, also training under Adam Byatt at Trinity and Eleven Madison Park before becoming head chef at Restaurant Story.

More recently you may have tried his amazing katsu sandos at Yatai when he was at the Market Halls West End, plus he's also been busy with Omoide, his Bermondsey-based Chirashi Sushi Bowls business. All of that goes to explain why you should be interested when we tell you he's opening a yakitori spot in the heart of Soho.

Humble Chicken, which opens in the New Year on the original Barrafina site, is going to be a ‘comb to tail’ izakaya. Angelo will be using every part of the chicken, from cartilage, and achilles to gizzards and even knee. The restaurant's traditional Japanese grill will use Bincho-tan charcoal to give the yakitori that lovely smoky taste.

Alongside the sticks, there'll be snacks like Miso Foie Gras, with black sesame, pine nuts and rice crackers and Crispy Chicken Feet with some larger dishes like Soba Tempura, hakusai, shiso, tile fish and soy. If you fancy Japanese desserts - and, really, who doesn't? - the sweet part of the menu will include Purin, the Japanese iteration of Creme Caramel.

As this is an izakaya-style place, the drinks are also going to be pretty important with a list of sake cocktails and whiskey highballs alongside Japanese wines.

"We’re not creating a super traditional Japanese yakitori-ya," explains Angelo. "We’re taking little things we loved growing up and working in Japan’s vibrant restaurant culture. We’re trying to take all that magic and let it loose in Soho.”


More about Humble Chicken

Where is it? 54 Frith St, Soho, London W1D 4SL

When does it open? Spring 2021

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @humblechicken_uk


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