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Edu bring their Spanish burgers to The Spit and Sawdust in Bermondsey

You may have seen them before at Flat Iron Square. Now Spanish burger merchants Edu are about to kick off a new nearby residency, settling in Bermondsey pub The Spit and Sawdust. 

They call their offering "Mixto" being a mix of Spanish and international cooking. Burgers coming to the pub will be:

  • The Spanglish Burger: 25 days aged beef patty, sherry pickled red onion, smoked piquillo pepper sauce, smoked garlic aioli, chorizo crumble, Manchego & American Cheese
  • Pollo Del Dia fried chicken: Spanish brine, buttermilk soaked, double spicy battered fried chicken, buffalo brava sauce, smoked garlic aioli, pickled green chilli, gem lettuce
  • EDū’s vegan Ain’t noFried Chicken: coconut soaked, double spiced battered vegan fried chicken

Alongside those will be padron peppers, chicken wings, croquetas, pata negra jamon with picos, Spanish olives, Kikos (fried corn) and fries.

You can follow all those with churros and dulce de leche doughnuts (as you indeed should). 


More about Edu at Spit and Sawdust

Where is it? 21 Bartholomew St, London SE1 4AL

When does it open? 31 October 2020

Find out more: Visit the pub website or follow Edu on Instagram @eduldn,


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