Fine and Grosso Coffee Station opens in Finsbury Park

fine and gross coffee station seven sisters road finsbury park

Finsbury Park folk who are working from home have a new spot to plug in their laptops. Fine and Grosso Coffee Station is a coffee spot that welcomes folk who want to get work done. It's not a coworking space, but what they're describing instead as 'laptop-friendly'.

The man behind it is Arik Waiss who also has a micro-chain of coffee shops called the Doppio Coffee Warehouse. Finsbury Park looks like being the first of a new rollout. Right now they're operating in soft launch mode, so it's just coffees, smoothies and pastries. But from October there are plans to offer sandwiches, salads and pizzas too.

Coffee fans can also get their coffee ground on-site to take away. And, if you want to work in the cafe all day you can buy a day pass for £15 which you can then spend on food and drink while you're there. 

fine and gross coffee station seven sisters road finsbury parkThere's more furniture coming, but you get the gist...


More about Fine and Grosso

Where is it? 187 Seven Sisters Road, London N4 3NG

When? Open now

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @fineandgrosso


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