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It seems the coronavirus isn't necessarily stopping some plans for big new openings in London. News reaches us via Big Hospitality that huge Japanese udon noodle chain Marugame Udon has its sights set on London. 

The restaurant is all about Sanuki Udon, popular in the Kagawa Prefecture of Japan (and the name Sanaki was what Kagawa was called in the past). Using a wheat that was once specific to the area, it has a more chewy texture than other udon varieties and can be served in a number of ways. The noodles are made in house and being able to see that being done is part of their usp.

Going by the group's American menu, that includes the traditional version served with kake sauce, as well as kitsune (with sweet fried tofu), a curry broth, tonktotsu, Curry Nikutama and more. Plus, you can grab tempura on the side which includes chicken, crab meat, potato, squid, shrimp and more. 

It's very early days yet - they haven't settled on a UK location (it'll be the group's first European location), but they already have plans to open 6000 sites in total worldwide. We'll add more info as we get it. 

For more on Marugame Udon follow them on Instagram @marugame_udon.


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