The London Pizza Festival Home Edition is all about demos, recipes and deliveries

london pizza festival at home

Restaurants, bars and pubs are coming back - but what about the festivals? Looks like they're going to be mainly virtual for the foreseeable, which is forcing a lot of folk to be particularly inventive about how they do just that.

The 2020 London Pizza Festival is one such bash. Run by Daniel Young of Young & Foodish, it's spent the last five years bringing in the crowds at Borough Market. Now that that's not possible the new event will be a purely at home and online affair.

Running for two days from 18-19 July, the London Pizza Festival Home Edition is a mixture of home cooking and delivery delights. There'll be workshops by great pizza makers to help you improve your own skills. Best of all, it's completely free.

Franco Pepe, from one of the world's greatest pizzerias, Pepe in Grani in Italy, is sharing the recipe for his signature Margherita Sbagliata "Mistaken Margherita” - pictured here. So if you fancy making it at home, there'll be ready-made dough and other pizza kits ready to be sent out.

Plus, lots of London pizzerias are taking part and will deliver special festival pizzas direct to your door.


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When? 18-19 July 2020

Find out more: Register (free) for the event here.


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