Brat extends its popup at Climpson's Arch

Brat extends its residency at Climpsons Arch

27/8/20 - updated with details of an extended residency

After being without Tomos Parry's excellent Brat restaurant for a few months - it returned in two different incarnations. 

Over the past month, one of the huge successes of post-lockdown pivoting has been the Brat x Climpson’s Arch residency. It saw Parry going back to his roots as he had previously been in the kitchen there from 2013-2015. 

Dishes at the residency included:

  • Grilled Crocadon Farm aged mutton chops, petit snap greens with smoked new season garlic, homemade ricotta and unfiltered olive oil
  • Basque fish soup with Cornish velvet crabs
  • A salad of slow-grilled pollock, laverbread and tomatoes.

And, moving into winter, the menu will adapt to add roasted game rice, fried pork chops with anchovy & hay butter and winter tomatoes with aged mutton and grilled cep mushrooms.

Drinks-wise, there will be bottled Bloody Marys, Pineapple Tepaches and Espresso Martinis and there will be a bookable private dining area too. 

Although Brat was originally due to be there all summer long, following a stellar review by Marina O'Loughlin in The Sunday Times and general success of the residency, they've decided to extend their stay until January 2021. 

But if you'd rather the classic Brat, that remains open in Shoreditch (with a slightly new layout for social distancing). 

More about Brat x Climpson’s Arch

Where is it? Arch 374 Helmsley Place Hackney E8 3SB

When does it open? Open daily. Runs till January 2021

How to book: Via the Brat website

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @bratrestaurant.


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