Trivet pastry chef co-launches London Loaves with a Ritz alum

Trivet becomes an online wine shop while their pastry chef launches London Loaves in Stoke Newington 

We have two pieces of Trivet-related news today.

First, their pastry chef Arran Schaffer has moved on to create a new project with ex-Ritz pastry chef de partie Derya Adema, called London Loaves. It's a micro-bakery in Stoke Newington, currently popping up at the Flowers N16 Garden centre on Church Street. Derya tells us that they set up London Loaves as a passion project and they are hoping to keep it running permanently. 

Right now, they're selling sourdough and seasonal focaccia (the wild garlic version pictured above sounds amazing) as well as cinnamon and Chelsea buns. And if you've been to Trivet, you'll be able to find their amazing canalés here too. Look out for more things being added in the next few weeks and they'll also continue to collaborate with more small London based producers such as Epping Good Honey

They're either drop-in or you can call to arrange delivery in north or east London. 

Next up is Trivet itself. To start with, they've transformed their very impressive wine list into an online shop, managed by master sommelier Isa Bal. We really enjoyed roaming the extremely globetrotting wine list when we visited and that's all been migrated online so you'll find some great stuff on there. Secondly, they've added "Trivet Experiences" where you can have (via Zoom) a one-on-one wine course with Isa Bal, or a cookery masterclass with chef Jonny Lake. For the shop and info on their masterclasses, visit their online shop.

london loaves stoke newington


More about London Loaves

Where is it? Flowers N16, 113 Stoke Newington Church Street, London, N16 0UD

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @londonloaves.


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