Corbin & King look to help staff by giving them 50% of all voucher sales

Corbin and King look to help staff by giving them 50% of all voucher sales

Jeremy King is known for sending out irregular missives, with updates on the business, thoughts on Brexit (spoiler - not positive) and more besides.

Earlier this week, his latest email talked about the difficulty their staff are having with significantly reduced wages. Put simply, the service charge pool (aka the "tronc") is not included in the government furlough scheme, so many staff who worked in restaurants are getting 40% of earnings - not 80%. It's something the hospitality is pushing for support on

Now Corbin & King have decided to do something to try and help staff. Here's what Jeremy King has to say:

In my ‘What can I say?’ mail I talked about the difficulties being experienced by the staff living on severely reduced earnings with many receiving only 40% of their usual wages.

We have decided that we just can’t sit back and rely on the Government to help – we need to take action. The result is that we are launching an initiative which will hopefully help alleviate the desperate situation that many are finding themselves in. I am going to ask our customers to consider buying dining vouchers/credit in advance from which we will give 50% directly to the staff. If you could consider helping with this it really won’t cost you anything other than the price of the meal you eat or indeed ‘Gift’ – it would be a ‘pre-payment’. You will have to forgive me for the presumption that you will want to return to our restaurants!

And here's the accompanying video:

If that makes you want to support - you can do so by using the links below

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