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Chik'n is back, delivering from Baker Street  

It's not Chick n Sours - yet - but if you've been hankering for some of Carl Clarke and David Wolanski's superlative fried chicken, then the re-opening of Chik'n on Baker Street should do the job. They're back up on Deliveroo now, with the usual burgers and tenders including:

  • BBQ Deluxe - Chicken Fillet, BBQ, Cheese, Lettuce, Smoky pink pickle
  • Chik'n Classic - Bacon & Cheese, Chicken Fillet, Buttermilk & Herb Mayo , Lettuce, Pickles
  • Spice up your Life: Chicken Fillet,, Samurai Sauce, lettuce, Spicy shake
  • Straight Up Chik'N: Chicken Fillet,, Buttermilk & Herb Mayo, Lettuce, Pickle

We'll keep an eye out for news of more Chik'ns and Chick n Sours reopening, and let you know when they're back too. 


More about Chick'n

How to order: On Deliveroo

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @lovechikn.


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