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Monty's Deli are running a salt beef bagels delivery service 

We'll be honest, we completely missed this news when it was first announced - but if we didn't know, there's a good chance you didn't either. So think of this as a public service announcement.

Many restaurants are looking at various inventive ways of surviving during the current crisis, and we rather like the route that Monty's Deli has chosen.

Arguably they're best known for their salt beef and pastrami bagels, and that's exactly what they've decided to concentrate on for their home delivery service. You can choose either (or even both) their pastrami or their salt beef and order it online, vac-packed - along with part-baked bagels. So you'll be able to get as close as possible to the real Monty's Deli experience, all while observing social distancing. What a great idea!

Order Friday-Sunday and you'll get the constituent parts of the perfect salt beef/pastrami bagel delivered the next Tuesday (they deliver London-wide). To do so, just head over to their online shop

For more from Monty's Deli - follow them on Instagram @montys_deli


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