Patty & Bun are selling Ari Gold and Smokey Robinson burger kits at HG Walter

patty & bun hg walter lockdown patty kit

In a crisis like this we all have to work together, which is just what Patty & Bun and top butcher HG Walter are doing. They've launched The Lockdown DIY Patty Kit to enable you to make Patty & Bun burgers at home.

There are three boxes available with the ingredients to make two classic P&B burgers - the Ari Gold and the Smokey Robinson. All you'll need to do is provide the lettuce and tomato.

For £25 you'll get 4 burgers - choose whether you want them all the same or a mixture of the two. The pack includes the burger company's signature HG Walter beef patties, brioche buns, a mini squeezy bottle of Smokey P&B Mayo, cheese slices and homemade pickled and smokey onions.

And if you really want to go all out, they'll be putting Burger and Cocktail Tutorials on their Instagram and you can download their weekly 'Lockdown Bangers’ Spotify Playlists. It's frankly a brilliant idea.


More about The Lockdown DIY Patty Kit

Where to buy it: The kits are £25 for four burgers and you can buy them on the HG Walter website.

Find out more: Follow Patty & Bun on Instagram @pattyandbun


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