Jolene's next is Big Jo, a new bakery in Hornsey

Big Jo is the new Bakery from the people behind Jolene

Updated 22/9/20 with a first look

We'd known for a while that the folk behind Jolene (and Primeur and Westerns Laundry) were planning to open a bakery - and now it's finally here. Big Jolene Bakery - to be known as Big Jo - has now opened and if you're in the Holloway/Hornsey Road area, this is going to be your go-to place for bread and more.

The space on Hornsey Road was an old refrigeration and air conditioning shop that the team have transformed into a bakery - and behind the scenes it's pretty huge, with large areas for baking, proving and shaping bread. Big Jo will be producing much of the bread and pastries for the restaurant group - although the original Jolene will also continue to bake onsite. 

Talking to Hot Dinners, they told us it's "basically a bigger production bakery than the current Jolene, complete with indoors grain silos, a couple of flour mills, pizza bread, pastry ovens and, of course the star of the show: ancient mixed wheat populations grown in healthy soils promoting land generation using plants, animals and trees in one balanced performant and sustainable eco system." 

We were invited in for a preview last night and think you'll be pretty impressed with what's on offer. Here's a look at some of the pizza slices they'll have:

roomSitting by the massive open window with a Margherita

roomPotato, rosemary and schiena

roomPizza Fritti with aioli and chilli sauce on the side.

roomFinishing with a Valrhona soft serve - chocolate and praline

roomWhere all the pizzas emerge from...

In addition to the above, there are charcuterie plates, including lardo & walnuts , coppa, caponata and Tuscan salame alongside small plates thet include roast onions and romesco or baked sardines with olive, caper and tomato. As with Jolene, the menu on the blackboard will change regularly - so expect lots more to try over the coming weeks. 

Big Jo is opening gradually over the next few days. From today you can pick up breads and pastries and they'll be open for dinner tonight and lunch + dinner from Thursday. If you live in the area (we're only 20 mins walk away) you should think yourselves very lucky indeed. 


More about Big Jolene Bakery

Where is it? 318-326 Hornsey Road, London, N7 7HE

When does it open? 22 September 2020

How to book: book online here

Find out more: Follow them on Instagram @bigjobakery.


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