Tincture is the no-waste bar by Carl Brown under Simplicity Burger

Tincture is the no-waste bar by Carl Brown under Simplicity Burger

A very promising new cocktail bar is opening right underneath Neil Rankin's Simplicity Burger on Brick Lane. It's led by Carl Brown, best known as former Daru-walla at Dishoom aka “the drinks guy”, their main bar development manager and former YBF winner.

His new bar, Tincture, follows the lead set by Simplicity Burger above, with plant-based and no-waste being a key focus. The cocktails will all be created around seasonal tinctures (hence the name) and at the moment they're pear, cinnamon, blackberry and parsnip. The idea is that all the seasonal flavours should complement each other, meaning all the cocktails on the menu will work well together. 

There will be two menus - the "Modern Apothecary" and the "Alternative Speakeasy" which is all about no-alcohol cocktails. All that translates into cocktails (priced between £6 and £9) that include:

  • Black: Blackberry Tincture made with Pink Pepper Gin, Blackberry Paint & Bitter Lemon
  • Pear - Pear Tincture (Reyka), Pear Kombucha, Pear Sherbet
  • Nips: Parsnip Tincture made with Plantation Rum, Apple & Bitters
  • Sazerac - Crossip Fresh, Orange extract (non-alcoholic)
  • Cosmo: Crossip Citron, Cranberry & Citron (non-alcoholic)
  • Berries - Blackberry puree, Blackberry paint, Bitter Lemon (non-alcoholic)

It certainly sounds like a very promising addition to Shoreditch. Here's what Carl has to say about the opening:

I’m so proud and excited to be opening Tincture. Neil and I share the same ethos, and the chance to work with such an innovative chef is humbling. Sustainability is key to Tincture - working to use every part of each ingredient as components for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails has been an inspirational and truly liberating process.


More about Tincture

Where is it? 202 Brick Lane, London E1 6SA

When does it open? Soft launching now, fully open 7 February 2020

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @bar.tincture.


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