Paris burger chain Big Fernand are re-launching in London

Paris burger chain Big Fernand are re-launching in London

What: Big Fernand 2.0

In a nutshell: Paris burger chain returns to London

Summing it all up: After an initial attempt at cracking the London market in 2015, French burger chain Big Fernand is back, attempting to woo Francophiles in South Kensington and hoping to replicate their successful business in France and also the UAE.

The low-down

Excuse us if we have déjà vu, but news of a Big Fernand Parisian burger invasion in London makes us think we may have heard this before. And we have. Super-sharp Hot Dinners’ readers (or, indeed, Parisian burger fans) will recall we reported on this back in 2015 when Big Fernand opened in Fitzrovia. It was a short-lived rendezvous, however, with the outlet closing ‘for a few months’, according to their Facebook site in March 2018, only for the vegan Kalifornia Kitchen to eventually open in their place, which must have been worrisome for carnivores keeping an eye on their calendars.

So, what’s changed? Why are they back? Where’ve they been? They certainly seem to be focusing on expansion, with Big Fernand restaurants continually opening around France, and now three in Dubai; perhaps their confidence is up for a second attempt in London, this time in French-expat-enclave South Kensington? ‘Brexit or not’ is their call to arms, reassuring Francophiles with responsibly sourced meat, freshly baked bread and classic raw milk French cheeses fresh from the wheel.

Assuming they’re sticking with the French menu formule, diners can expect seven hamburgers:

  • Le Big Fernand: beef, Tomme de Savoie, dried tomatoes, parsley, Tata Fernande sauce
  • Le Bartholomé: beef, Alpine raclette, smoked pork belly, candied onions/chives, Big Fernand barbecue sauce
  • Le Basile: beef, smoked bacon, Morbier, roasted peppers, chives, Olive Tonton sauce
  • Le Belpbegor: beef, double tome de Savoie, chives, Tonton Fernand sauce
  • Le Victor: veal, Fourme d’Ambert (creamy blue), candied onions, coriander, Tonton Fernand sauce
  • Le Pierrot: marinated chicken thigh, Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine goat cheese, rocket, Olive Tonton sauce
  • Le Lucien: mushroom, Tomme de Savoie, dried tomatoes, candied onions/chives, Tata Fernande sauce


More about Big Fernand 2.0

Where is it? 39 Thurloe Place, South Kensington, SW7 2HP

When does it open? December 2019/ January 2020

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @bigfernand_uk.


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