Black Rock expands with a whisky hotel, pub and a blend-your-own room


You might remember that a couple of years ago, we tried out a one-room hotel in London - above the Black Rock Whisky bar. Well, that's going through a bit of a change - planning to become what they're calling "London's first Whisky hotel".

Black Rock, the whisky bar previously only in the basement, is taking over the whole building. The bar remains the same downstairs - but there are three new additions. 

First up - and now open - is the Black Rock Tavern on the ground floor. That "features reclaimed oak decor, this time with a Japanese twist with bamboo ceiling panels and unique graffiti wall art by Ryan Gajda." As for drinks, there are beers on tap, whisky cocktails, and 40-50 whiskies to get through. Essentially a more informal bar than Black Rock below. 

Then on the first floor, there's the Blending Room, where you'll be able to blend and take away your very own 500ml bottle of whisky (as well as tasting a fair bit along the way). 

And finally, upstairs is Black Rock Lodgings. The second floor is being divided into two compact rooms (£120 a night), while the suite remains on the top floor. And yes, you can expect whisky in the minibars. That'll launch late summer 2019. 

So if you love whisky, a whole building devoted to it may be just what you need. 


More about Black Rock House

Where is it? 9 Christopher Street, London EC2A 2BS

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @barblackrock.


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