Trivet is the London Bridge restaurant from ex Fat Duck head chef and sommelier

trivet restaurant borough potato millefeuilleA look inside Trivet.

Updated 18/9/19 with opening date and booking details

What: Trivet

In a nutshell: Ex Fat Duck chef and sommelier go it alone

Summing it all up: Taking over the ex-Londrino space is Trivet from Jonny Lake, most recently Executive Head Chef of the Heston group (he was Head Chef of the Fat Duck before). He's teamed up with another Fat Duck Alumni, Master Sommelier Isa Bal.

The low-down

The site that used to hold Londrino didn't stay empty long. It's going to be the location for the first solo restaurant by ex-Fat Duck Head Chef Jonny Lake.

In 2018, chef Jonny Lake, left the Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck group where he'd been for 13 years, becoming Head Chef of the Fat Duck in 2009 (one of the UK's very few 3 Michelin starred restaurants) and ending as Executive Head Chef of the group. So he's quite a big deal. He then announced he'd be teaming up with another Fat Duck Alumni, Master Sommelier Isa Bal who'd been at the Fat Duck for 12 years, eventually becoming Group Head Sommelier. 

trivet restaurant borough potato millefeuille“Hokkaido Potato” Baked potato mille-feuille, sake and white chocolate mousse, butter and sake gelato

That new restaurant has been revealed as Trivet, which they're calling an "informal, high-quality dining restaurant utilising the finest ingredients and wines and will aim to deliver an unrivalled taste experience." More information comes from Lake and Bal themselves.

The name Trivet came about organically. A trivet is an age-old cooking utensil - elevating pots over an open fire or providing a resting spot for dishes and pots. Trivet implies balance and warmth which forms part of our vision and values for the restaurant, as well as our working relationship. Jonny Lake
Throughout the many years we have worked together, Jonny and I have always been in pursuit of inspired culinary excellence. At Trivet, we will showcase our explorations of ingredients, dishes and drinks from different regions around the world. The design and experience of the restaurant will also be inspired from our travels, juxtaposing Nordic functionality with the warmth of the Mediterranean and a dose of fun. Isa Bal

trivet restaurant borough potato millefeuilleRed Mullet, Pici and Artichokes

And they've coaxed more people over from the Fat Duck too - Michele Stanco and Melissa Fergus. Michele Stanco will be head chef - he was previously sous chef at the Fat Duck and then paired with Jonny Lake as a development chef. Melissa Fergus will be restaurant manager - she was most recently assistant manager of The Fat Duck.

There's very much a drip-feed of information on this one - so expect more details to be slowly revealed in the run-up to the launch. 

trivet restaurant borough potato millefeuilleChicken with a Vinegar Sauce.  Trompette mushroom, mashed potato and glazed turnips

More about Trivet

Where is it? 36 Snowsfields, Bermondsey, London SE1 3S

When does it open? 29 October 2019

How to book: book online or email info@trivetrestaurant.co.uk or telephone +44 (0) 203 141 8670

Find out more: On their website or follow them on Instagram @trivetrestaurant.


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