Mo Diner is Momo's 1930s Los Angeles diner with food by Eric Chavot

Mo Diner is a mediterranean 30s-style diner from Momo

Updated 7/10/20 with chef and menu details

What: Mo Diner

In a nutshell: Momo opens a diner next door

Summing it all up: Next door to Momo in Mayfair Mo Diner takes the American diner concept on a spin through the Med with Eric Chavot doing the food.

The low-down

It opened oh-so-briefly before lockdown, but now restaurateur Mourad Mazouz's Mo Diner on Heddon Street is properly up and running. Styled like a 1930s Los Angeles diner, but one that's then been given a Mediterranean-style overhaul. So it's all palm trees meet acid yellow Moroccan tiles. 

The food is going to be particularly interesting because Mourad's only gone and roped in top chef Eric Chavot to run the kitchen. Chavot. who recently joined the company as Executive Chef (or Chef Orchestra as Mourad calls him), is responsible for the menus here, at Momo and at the group's Parisian restaurants. 

As an all-day diner, it'll kick off in the morning with dishes like Berber 1000 holes Moroccan pancakes, Beldi Huevos Fritos (fried egg with duck confit and cumin) and a Lebanese breakfast plate before moving onto dishes like: 

  • Masinissa Caesar Salad - sucrine, chives, anchovies, parmesan
  • Lamburgerini Merci - brioche bun, pulled lamb, tarator ranch sauce
  • Socca - chickpea pancake, rucola, labneh
  • Stephane’s Mum Brick - beef, egg, filo pastry, tabil spice
  • Gambas Kadaif - aioli mojo verde

As well as wine and beer, they'll have smoothies, milkshakes, hard shakes and a short selection of cocktails like blood orange mimosas and harissa margaritas. 

If you love the look of the place, you can check out the Mo Mart beside the bar where a collection of restaurant merch is on sale - like golden ashtrays and palm tree-shaped jewellery designed by Tatty Devine.


More about Mo Diner

Where is it? 23 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BH

When does it open? Open now

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @modinerlondon.


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