The Scotch Egg Challenge 2019 shortlist is revealed

scotch egg challenge

The Scotch Egg Challenge has become one of the highlights of London's food calendar. If you've somehow been unaware of it until now, let us educate you. Essentially, it sees some of London's top chefs descend on a pub for one night to produce what can be argued are the very best scotch eggs in London. These are all put to a jury who decide upon who to give one of London's most sought-afterawards. 

Previous winners have included The Draper's Arms, Holborn Dining Room and Princess Victoria, and last year's winner The Smoking Goatwho are returning to try and retain their title. 

Now we've got the shortlist of who will be taking part this year - and once again it's an impressive list:

  • Meedu Saad, Smoking Goat (Winner, 2018)
  • Nick Gibson, The Drapers Arms
  • James Ramsden, Magpie & Pigeon
  • Robbie McLear, The Montagu Arms
  • Mark Taft, Executive Chef, The Seafood Pub Company
  • Robin Gill, The Dairy
  • Phil & Karen Errington, The Rat Inn
  • Calum Franklin, Holborn Dining Room
  • Stosie Madi, The Parkers Arms
  • Chris King, The Wigmore
  • Henry Harris, The Hero of Maida
  • Tomos Parry, Brat
  • Mick Dore, The Alexandra SW19
  • Paddy Davy, The Compasses
  • Dan Smith, Fordwich Arms
  • Trevor Hunt, Golden Lion Camden
  • Kate Ahrens, Geese & Fountain
  • Andy Waugh, Mac & Wild
  • Catherine Button, The Betjeman Arms
  • Paul Shearing, Roast
  • Nigel Mendham, Dukes London - Aurelien Durand, The Coach

 And there may still be more to add to that impressive line-up. 

If you want to come to the event - it's free to grab a space (but make sure you arrive early). But if you want to guarantee that you'll be able to try a selection of the eggs (and get a drink thrown in), you'll want to grab yourself one of the limited £15 VIP tickets from here. All the proceeds from those tickets will be donated to the hospitality charity Only A Pavement Away.


More about the Scotch Egg Challenge 2019

Where is it? The Canonbury Tavern, 21 Canonbury Pl, London N1 2NS

When? 10 April 2019

How to book: Get the limited £15 VIP tickets or turn up on the night. 

Find out more: Visit the Canonbury Tavern website or follow them on Twitter @thecanonbury.


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