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It's all change at Camden Market this year. We already knew about the huge new Hawley Wharf development that's planned for this summer but now we're hearing about a new section of the market, to be called Italian Alley. Essentially it's a grab and graze style affair, celebrating Italian cuisine. 

The Alley has just got the approval to go ahead - something with some residents aren't too happy about - and here's what we know so far:

  • It's taking up four arches of Stables Market - an area of the market that was left derelict after fire damage in 2017.
  • There will be different food per arch - each offering sharing plates and wine/beer by the glass
  • They're comparing it to a "food court" experience - so think more the Market Halls type of food court (but slimmed down).
  • it's an all-day- seven days a week affair

That's all we can glean from the planning info at the moment - as soon as more details surface, we'll let you know.


More about Italian Alley

Where is it? Stables Market, Camden

When does it open? 2019


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