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What: Nathan Outlaw at The Goring (name TBC)

In a nutshell: Nathan Outlaw moves to a new London Hotel 

Summing it all up: Nathan Outlaw is changing his London base of operations. He's opening a new restaurant at The Goring in Victoria - a more casual seafood-led affair that's the hotel's first new restaurant in over 100 years. 


The low-down

It's all change at the Goring. After over a century of business (and the place you're most likely to see the Queen pop round for dinner), they're about to launch a new restaurant with Nathan Outlaw.

It's a brand new restaurant, not a replacement for The Michelin-starred Dining Room (led by Shay Cooper and which we recently visited). The new place will be a more casual affair than the existing restaurant - and here's what we know so far...

Seafood will be the main event. We're told to expect "simple seafood dishes of understated brilliance, that showcase the best of Cornish seafood and produce". We'll have a better idea of what that actually means closer to the opening. 

It'll be Nathan Outlaw's new home in London. He'll be finishing up at The Capital hotel and be concentrating on this restaurant. 

Outlaw will be in the kitchen - sometimes. He's planning to be up in London twice a week. But he has good form with his head chefs - Tom Brown went on from Outlaw's to open Cornerstone and that turned out rather well

It's carving out its own space in the hotel. The details are slim on the ground at the moment but we're told that it will look over the garden at the back of the hotel and be part-based in the Orangerie. So we think that it must be taking over a significant portion of the bar and lounge. Russell Sage studios is in charge of the design (who most recently designed Neptune). Given the Spring opening - don't expect any structural changes, we'd say. 

As such, the bar's getting a revamp too. We've been to the bar a few times and while a drink on the terrace has always been welcome, the evening scene has been in need of a little freshening up. So it'll be interesting to see what they pull off here. 

We'll update with more as we get it.  

goring outlaw2The restaurant will look out onto this...


More about The Goring

Where is it? 15 Beeston Pl, Westminster, London SW1W 0JW

When: Late Spring 2019

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @thegoring

And read all about our recent overnight stay.  


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