Ninety One Living Room kicks off with a Sabel residency in Shoreditch

Ninety One Living Room kicks off with a Sable residency in Shoreditch

What: Ninety One Living Room

In a nutshell: All day workspace/restaurant on Brick Lane

Summing it all up: Ninety One Living Room is a new all-day space in Shoreditch's Brick Lane. It's a cafe/workspace by day and restaurant/bar in the evening. And they have husband and wife duo, Sabel, kicking off the first food residency. 


The low-down

Quietly launched in Shoreditch a couple of weeks back is Ninety One Living Room, opening in the Old Truman Brewery. It's another of what they're now calling "multi-use" venues - which in this case basically means cafe and workspace by day and restaurant and late night bar in the evening. And it's that restaurant side of things that we're most interested in - which is planned to be a new space in Shoreditch for rotating residencies. 

Kicking things off is the husband and wife duo of Sabel.  Toby Williams and Lianna Jewell are already serving up a seasonal menu at lunch and are about to kick things off with a dinner service. Here's what's on the menu at the moment:

  • Ogleshield cheese and ham hock toastie with gherkins
  • Red onion, rosemary and keen cheddar tart
  • Miso baked artichoke, sesame and kale
  • Chicken cooked with cider, leeks, sage and hazelnut

And the evening adds:

  • Seatrout, smoked cream, sour fennel and buckwheat
  • Stracciatella, ceps, tarragon and grilled sourdough
  • Grilled beer-fed beef, fried potatoes, anchovies and watercress.

On top of that, there will be cocktails that include "Browned Butter Old Fashioned with browned butter washed Bulleit Bourbon, Gomme syrup, angostura bitters, orange bitters" and "Deconstructed Pina Colada, which mixes Charred Pineapple with coconut oil washed Wray & Nephew, Kalani Coconut Liqueur, raw coconut water and bitters".

All that and it's an easy place to pop into during the day and get your work done. 


More about Ninety One Living Room

Where is it? 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL

When does it open? Open now - dinner from 7 December 2018

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @91livingroom

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