Now you can get those Ikea meatballs delivered by Uber Eats

Now you can get those Ikea meatballs delivered by Uber Eats

If there's one thing that makes the trip to Ikea always a worthwhile endeavour - it's their meatballs. Ikea meatballs, gravy, chips (and the lingonberry sauce, maybe) are a not-so-guilty pleasure for many. And us - we could eat dozens of them.

But getting to an Ikea store isn't that easy. A couple of years back, we had the Ikea pop-up shop and dining room in Shoreditch - but now they've gone one step further - you don't even have to go outside to get your meatball fix. Yes, Ikea have teamed up with UberEats to deliver meatballs right to your door. We're told it's all to "embrace the Swedish tradition of 'fredagsmys' - a cosy night in with friends and family".

And it's not just the food - they're also paring it with Ikea products - including wine glasses, napkins and the rather alarming-sounding "STABBIG decoration for candle".

There are three set menus on offer:

  • The Snug (£10 for 2 people): Meatballs x20, Mash Potato or Chips, Cream Sauce, Lingonberry Jam, Daim Cake x 2 (with SANELA cushion cover, AVSIKTIG napkins, NEW ODDRUN throw, SINNLIG scented candle
  • The Formal (£10 for 2 people): Veggie balls x20, Butternut squash, courgette and kale hash, Plain Sugar Donut x 2 (with FLIMRA wine glass x 2, MARIT placemat, SMYCKA artificial flower, GULLMAJ napkin, STABBIG decoration for candle)
  • The Family Platter (£20 for 5 people): Meatballs x20, Veggie balls x20, Mash Potato or Chips, Butternut squash, courgette and kale hash, Cream Sauce, Lingonberry jam, Daim Cake x 2, Plain Sugar Donut x 2 (with VINTER 2018 disposable cup x10 pack, VINTER 2018 disposable paper plate x10 pack, NEW STRALA LED lighting chain, FANTASTISK paper napkin, MARIT table runner)

Honestly - if it was available at the time of writing, we'd be ordering this right now. Instead, it's only available from 16-20 November - and you need to be 2km from their new Ikea Kitchen at Studio DDC, 367 Geffrye Street, London E2 8HZ (near Hoxton station). We are actually in that radius - so we know what we're eating that week...


More about The Ikea Meatball delivery

Where? They deliver to a 2km radius around Geffrye Street, Hoxton

When? 16-20 November 2018

How to book: Head to Uber Eats


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