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M Restaurants are opening at Canary Wharf's Newfoundland tower

What: M at Newfoundland

In a nutshell: Steaks in a tower

Summing it all up: The latest M restaurant and their menu of steak and grills is coming to the new Newfoundland tower in Canary Wharf.


The low-down

We have to admit, when we first learned that there was an upcoming Newfoundland M, we thought that it was an odd place for them to open. Until we looked closer and realised that Newfoundland was actually a new skyscraper being built in Canary Wharf. That makes much more sense. 

This latest incarnation of M will be their flagship location, with the 10,000 sq ft including (deep breath) a restaurant, grill, wine store and tasting room, cocktail bar and garden, private members lounge and private dining room. So yes, there's a lot to it. It'll be opening on the first floor of the building, promising impressive views over the wharf, and will be, they tell us, "the only drinking and dining venue in the iconic Newfoundland tower".

As for what else to expect - assume the usual mix of steak and other grilled meats - including their current focus on wagyu beef.


More about M at Newfoundland

Where is it? Newfoundland Quay, Canary Wharf, London.

When does it open? 2020

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @mrestaurants_.


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