Westminster, Strand, Victoria

Boyd's Grill and Wine Bar

Boyd's Grill and Wine Bar

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Address: The Northumberland, 8 Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5BY

Telephone number: 0207 808 3344

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Nearest Station: Charing Cross

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Critic reviews - total score 8 out of 10

Critics' score: 8
David Sexton Evening Standard
Reviewed on April 20, 2016
"...the simple steaks alone that come off (the grill) have remarkable tenderness and flavour: a small piece of the water buffalo had a gloriously rich, charred taste, not quite like anything I had tasted before." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 7.5
Steve Dinneen City AM
Reviewed on March 01, 2016
"Boyds is a very good restaurant that’s made great through sheer force of personality, through the vision and care and meticulousness of a manager who knows how to run a restaurant in his sleep, who can predict your every whim before it’s occurred to you, and who knows the menu as well as the chefs." READ REVIEW

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