Soho, Fitztrovia, Covent Garden

Smoking Goat

Smoking Goat

This Thai barbecue restaurant in Soho features a short daily menu with a focus on cooking over wood and with traditional pestles & mortars.

Critic reviews - total score 7.5 out of 10

Critics' score: 8
Tom Parker Bowles Mail on Sunday
Reviewed on January 29, 2015
"The pork belly special is very special, perhaps the best thing that could ever happen to a swine’s gut. Infused by the smoke of the grill, and the tang of herb and spice, it has piggy depth and soft, seductive texture and is served with a thickly sweet, spicy and tart sauce. Damn, I’d happily eat this baby every day." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 6.5
Marina O'Loughlin Guardian
Reviewed on January 02, 2015
"The food at Smoking Goat isn’t finger-licking good, it’s fist-and-wrist-and-possibly-elbow-and-knee-licking good." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Lisa Markwell Independent
Reviewed by November 16, 2014
"In fact, it is perfect for us – greedy, gregarious (hard to avoid chatting to your up-close fellow diners) and we know each other well enough not to mind pungent breath and smoke-infused hands. Bliss." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Christ Pople Cheese & Biscuits
Reviewed on November 14, 2014
"Food like this, especially in London where you can count the number of decent Thai restaurants on one hand, is a rare and precious thing, and though everything that doesn't involve filling your face with smoked lamb and scallops is a test of almost every faculty I possess, what's coming out of that tiny, smoke-filled kitchen is enough to make me forgive almost anything." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 6
Guy Dimond Time Out
Reviewed on November 12, 2014
"Low lighting and a barely legible menu make it hard to tell what you’re eating, but barbecued duck legs were a highlight: the well-rendered meat served with a watery version of nam jim jaew, tangy sour-and-sweet dipping sauce, plus sticky rice to mop up the juices." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Fay Maschler Evening Standard
Reviewed on October 05, 2014
"Have... the whole Cornish crab, where coconut cream freshly made and curry leaves wilted with salt create an otherworldly sauce worth dirtying your nails and wrecking your shirt for." READ REVIEW


Restaurant details

Address: 7 Denmark Street, London WC2H 8LZ

Nearest Station: Tottenham Court Road

Opening times: Mon - Sat: 12 - 3pm & 5pm - midnight
Sun: 12 - 10pm

• No reservations. Photo by Paul Winch Furness.


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