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Grain Store

Grain Store

This is the second London restaurant from one of Hot Dinners' faves, Bruno Loubet. It has taken pride of place in the newly revamped Granary Square in King's Cross and is a more informal restaurant than Bistrot Bruno Loubet. Expect a more worldly feel to the menu, plenty of guest chefs and an enormous outside dining area.

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Address: Granary Square, 1-3 Stable Street, London N1C 4AB

Telephone number: 020 7324 4466

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Nearest station: King's Cross

Nearest Station: King's Cross

Opening times: Mon* - Wed 11am - 11.30pm
Thu - Sat 11am - Midnight
Sun 11am - 4.30pm

  • Bar area
  • Outside seating (weather permitting)


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Critic reviews - total score 7.5 out of 10

Critics' score: 5
Zoe Williams Telegraph
Reviewed on August 27, 2013
"I applaud experimentation, and I have nothing against the ushering in of a quasi-post-meat era. The chef, Bruno Loubet, has impressed a lot of people, and I love the Zetter under his command. But there is some way to go here before all the dishes are as good as the best." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 7
AA Gill Sunday Times
Reviewed on July 28, 2013
"The food is just so: light but sustaining, inventive without being experimental, unpretentious but matey, with a contemporary panache. Bruno is still one of the most agreeable and bonhomous chefs in London." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Joe Warwick Metro
Reviewed on July 18, 2013
"Much has been made of Grain Store’s emphasis on vegetables and the idea of making them, as is currently fashionable, the star of the show. Animal protein is cast in a supporting role. For the most part it works wonderfully well." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Richard & Peter Harden's Estimated score
Reviewed on June 28, 2013
"Judged on grounds of sheer taste and interest, this was one of our best meals this year. Indeed, this is the second successful attempt we've reviewed in recent times as pulling off the difficult trick of novelty without scaring the horses." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Lisa Markell Independent
Reviewed on June 30, 2013
"I cannot wait to come back and romance my inner vegetarian. Grain Store is a triumph of a great chef thinking about what the London scene needs, and delivering it." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8.5
Giles Coren Times
Reviewed by June 29, 2013
"But it was damn good. Really, a great big hairy serious bloody French chef turning his hand to foragey-woragey Nordbrit diddy-plates in a graphic designer’s orgasm of architecty steel and glass with lashings of top-quality booze. Probably one of the places of the year." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Chris Pople Cheese & Biscuits
Reviewed on June 24, 2013
"... because you can see the effort, skill and love going into the food (literally while you eat - you may have seen open kitchens before but I bet quite as open or dramatic as this), you are guaranteed to walk away happy." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 8
Guy Dimond Time Out
Reviewed on June 20, 2013
"The menu is a pick ’n’ mix of ingredients and cuisines, yet there is a consistency of style and imaginative, successful flavour pairings that is recognisably Loubet." READ REVIEW

Critics' score: 6
David Sexton Evening Standard
Reviewed on June 19, 2013
"If you want to know what’s happening in London’s restaurant scene now, Grain Store is definitely the place to go. It’s a must-visit. But not all surprises are welcome." READ REVIEW

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