The Shiori
45 Moscow Road, London W2 4AH
Latest critic review: September 08, 2013
Critics' score: 7 out of 10

This is the follow up to the diminutive Sushi of Shiori. The larger restaurant allows chef Takashi Takag to run a Kaiseki dining experience in an authentic Japanese setting.

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AA Gill Sunday Times
Reviewed on September 08, 2013
"We were at the awkward end of some kitchen process that took its own sweet time. I now know what it feels like to be a baby starling, sitting in an uncomfortable nest with my mouth open. The Shiori may take an infinite time and trouble with its ingredients, but it takes absolutely none at all with its customers." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 3
Giles Coren Times
Reviewed on July 13, 2013
"This was delicious, slow-paced, true kaiseki, revelling not just in flavours but in the contrasts of temperature and texture that so much oriental cooking does, and which can so baffle our (well, your) occidental palates." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 6.5
Marina O'Loughlin Guardian
Reviewed by March 09, 2013
"I'm bedazzled and occasionally bewildered. Every dish that's arriving – tiny, but perfectly formed, each on a distinct and beautiful piece of Japanese crockery – offers something to make you shake your head in wonder and curiosity." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 7.5
Celia Plender Time Out
Reviewed on March 07, 2013
"‘Natsukashi!’ they say in Japanese when reminded of a fond memory, and an evening here was resoundingly reminiscent of Japan. From placemats decorated with seasonal ingredients, to dishes adorned with edible buds and blossoms, a lot of attention has gone into every detail." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 8
Fay Maschler Evening Standard
Reviewed on February 13, 2013
"The serenity, sure-footedness and dedication of the Tagakis is something marvellous in a world where others like to bish-bash-bosh or strive to be “dirty’. It all has its place, of course, but I know where I would rather be." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 10
Joe Warwick Metro
Reviewed on February 07, 2013
"Our first hot dish is a snow crab nabe, a fantastically delicate consommé-like soup, the pieces of crab perfectly textured bursts of sweetness rubbing shoulders with tofu, yubu (tofu skin) glass noodles and enoki mushrooms." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 8

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Address45 Moscow Road, London W2 4AH
Telephone number 020 7221 9790
Telephone numberAverage price: Expensive
Opening timesTuesday - Saturday 12:00 – 15:00; 18:00 – 22:30

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