32 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QL
Latest critic review: January 08, 2011
Critics' score: 8 out of 10

Moro has long been one of London foodie's favourite restuarants. Now Sam and Sam Clark have opened a tapas bar serving up exquisite small plates with ice-cold glasses of fino.

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John Lanchester Guardian
Reviewed on January 08, 2011
"The cooking is excellent and the list of hits I had was almost as long as the list of dishes I tried – and it was a long list..." READ REVIEW
Estimated score
Critic's score: 8
Giles Coren Times
Reviewed on December 11, 2010
"Not just the stand-out but the stand-up dish, as in stand up and applaud: for the fideos with prawns, saffron and aïoli, which are little inch-long strands of vermicelli-like pasta, cooked in a serious prawn stock and served with some lean, lithe little prawns and a splodge of fantastic, light, not-too-garlicky aïoli – is a perfect thing." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 9
Andy Lynes Metro
Reviewed by October 27, 2010
"There are two bite-sized jamon and chicken croquetas, deep fried to crisp perfection; a scattering of crunchy cubes of chicharrónes Cadiz (slow-roasted pork belly with cumin and lemon) and four halves of patatas mojo (salt-crusted potatoes with green chilli and coriander sauce). There’s not a duff dish." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 8
David Sexton Evening Standard
Reviewed on October 21, 2010
"It was more enjoyable eating here than in many restaurants costing three times as much. As much as in Moro itself, in fact." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 8
Nicky Evans Time Out
Reviewed on September 23, 2010
"This is fast food as it should be.The chef overheard and dispatched part of our order before the waitress reached him with it. The slick kitchen operation made us consciously linger over the food so as to prolong our stay." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 10
Hermano Primero Dos Hermanos
Reviewed on September 16, 2010
"Although the evening may have seemed like more like a sequence of misses than hits the quality of the ingredients were decent and nothing left a bad taste in my mouth… well, maybe the prices did a little..." READ REVIEW
Estimated score
Critic's score: 6

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Address32 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QL
Telephone number 020 7278 7007
Telephone numberAverage price: Moderate
trainAngel/ FarringdonAngel

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