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Cafe Murano

33 St. James's Street, London SW1A 1HD
Latest critic review: March 30, 2014
Critics' score: 7.5 out of 10 Users' score: 5.0 out of 10

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This sees Angela Hartnett taking over the site in St James which used to hold Gordon Ramsay's original Petrus restaurant (and where she was Head Chef). Expect "regionally focused dishes, at an accessible price-point, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere – the kind of restaurant I would enjoy eating in every day".

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Zoe Williams Telegraph
Reviewed on March 30, 2014
"The cheesecake was the only duff note, and it’s a risk I’d advise 10 times over for the experience overall: elegant, languorous fun." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 8
Grace Dent Evening Standard
Reviewed on January 24, 2014
"If you go, it would be idiotic not to sling a serving of the large, grilled, garlic-heavy prawns on to your order as they’re one of the best things I've eaten this January." READ REVIEW
Estimated score
Critic's score: 8
Andy Lynes Metro
Reviewed by December 12, 2013
"I don’t want to review my spinach and ricotta tortelli as much as compose a hymn to it. When I finish the dish, I feel like shouting ‘encore’. I should probably calm down – it’s just a plate of pasta, after all. But there’s just something thrilling about the little parcels of ethereally light cheese and veg in their gossamer-thin wrappers anointed with a simple butter sauce." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 8
Camilla Long Sunday Times
Reviewed on December 08, 2013
"By the time we finish, the inhospitable curfew has been long forgotten, five hours have vanished, and the bartender is ladling grappa down my throat (“This one is meant to taste like an English country garden,” he purrs). I’d have thought five hours was a record given that the place only opened 10 days ago, but it isn’t even a record for today." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 7
Yolanda Zappaterra Time Out
Reviewed on December 05, 2013
"Williams has a way to go before she reaches the standards of her mentor – let alone Hartnett's one-time mentor. But with a cuisine that’s a surefire winner when done authentically, the odds are on her side." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 6
Lisa Markwell Independent
Reviewed on December 01, 2013
"...am I daft to rattle off an almost entirely uncritical review? I used to work 100 yards from Café Murano and it was impossible to find a wonderful plate of pasta anywhere. For that alone, it deserves our love." READ REVIEW
Critic's score: 8.5

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Ken Barnes
Overall rating 

A Disappointment

Although we had made a reservation well in advance and arrived on time, there was no table ready for us and the greeter started setting one up close the the entrance door. We asked for a table further in and one was found in the bar area. This was a somewhat cramped space with a constant flow of traffic. The food was certainly below the standard we had been expecting when compared to the main Murano restaurant, which we have always greatly enjoyed. A disappointment and it will be a struggle to get us back again.

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Benjamin HG S
Overall rating 

Murano's Little Sister - In more ways than one....

Murano's little sister in more ways than one:
The food was very good. The cicheti were all fabulous, in particular the whitebait and pollock and the truffle arancini. For mains, the cod with lentils and the pumpkin gnocchi were also without fault.
However, one expects high standards from the likes of the Angela Hartnett brigade. My biggest problem with the restaurant was the meagreness of the portions and general atmosphere of stinginess, culminating in leaving the restaurant £116 worse off and hungry.
3 small squares of focaccia do not count as a 'bread basket'. Take note of Locanda Locatelli's bread basket filled with an array of different breads and the very best Italian Olive Oil. Cod with lentils for £18 deserves more than a square of cod and a tiny mound of lentils. Finally, chocolate ice cream, although undeniably delicious, should have been more than one scoop. Coffee was served without the customary biscotti or petit fours (again Locanda Locatelli and Ceccionis do this properly).
The food is faultless, the decor and room beautiful but what’s the point of creating an Italian cafe if you don’t leave there feeling content and happy, as if you had just been fed by an Italian Nonna. Instead, I left with the pains of hunger, general disappointment (because I know how good it could be) and 100 pounds lighter...
Managing staff take note. For those prices you can do so much better.

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Address33 St. James's Street, London SW1A 1HD
Telephone number 020 3371 5559
Telephone numberAverage price: Moderate
trainGreen Park

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