Every week we round up all the new London restaurant reviews from the top UK critics and add them to our reviews section. This week, new reviews for Bocca Di Lupo owned Gelupo, Cantina Laredo's £7 guacamole comes in for some criticism and Bar Boulud London's still excellent...

Dock Kitchen - overall score 8/10 (no change)
Dock Kitchen

Lisa Markwell - Independent

What did she think? Initial dinner spoiled by the slow service, but a follow-up lunch proved that the food can be excellent.
Choice quote: "Once front of house is up to speed, Dock Kitchen will be unmissable."
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Bar Boulud London - overall score 8/10 (no change)
Bar Boulud London

Zoe Williams - Telegraph

What did she think? Celeb fuelled atmosphere with an excellent menu.
Choice quote: "We rebooked on the way out, to bring our fellas. If there is higher praise for any dining establishment, I don't know it."
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Viet Grill - overall score 8/10 (down 0.5)
Viet Grill

Kang Leung - London Eater
Estimated score

What did he think? Great food with an extensive menu that he wants to come back and eat his way through, but a little expensive.
Choice quote: "All in all however, we enjoyed Viet Grill, the cooking seemed able enough and food was delicious. Of course, the beauty of such a restaurant is hidden in the sheer depth of the menu."
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Gelupo - overall score 7/10 (new entry)

Guy Dimond - Time Out

What did he think? An excellent selection of gelato, but the rest of the cafe needs more development.
Choice quote: "One of Gelupo's best ices is the intensely dark blood orange granita, with crystals that melt on contact with your tongue. Blood oranges are not in season, but Kenedy and his team bought a batch of the pulp in season and froze it, months ago. That's foresight."
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Kang Leung - London Eater

What did he think? A unique collection of gelato, although the cannoli did not impress.
Choice quote: "Tall stools, tables by the walls and marbled furnishings brightens up the blue-themed gelato bar and deli, if you’re searching for an alternative to Scoop! in Central London, give the Gelupo granitas a try as I think you might like ‘em."
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Trullo - overall score 7/10 (down 0.5)

Marina O'Loughlin - Metro

What did she think? Friendly low-key atmosphere with good food, mainly the result of sourcing good ingredients.
Choice quote: "Tables are rammed together, wine comes in tumblers, it’s loud and clattery and in a far-from-chic corner of Islington. But despite all this, Trullo is a class act."
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Brasserie Joel - overall score 6.5/10 (no change)
Brasserie Joel

Jay Rayner - Observer
Estimated score

What did he think? French food done extremely well by a chef who deserves a better location.
Choice quote: "You will find many of the dishes, or approximations of them, in many other restaurants, but rarely done with this precision or commitment."
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Battery - overall score 6.5/10 (down 0.5)

Marina O'Loughlin - Metro

What did she think? Excellent Phillipe Starck building with a great view of the Thames, but let down by a bizarre menu.
Choice quote: "There’s a good, high-end restaurant in Battery struggling to get out but it needs assistance: simplify, sharpen up, tone down."
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Roux at Parliament Square - overall score 6/10 (no change)
Roux at Parliament Square

Zoe Strimpel - City AM
Estimated score
What did she think? Feels that the food is excellent, but the surroundings drown all life out of it.
Choice quote: "To be sure, these things make for a “good” restaurant, in a strict, uptight kind of way. They do not, by any stretch of the imagination, make for a sexy one."
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Cantina Laredo - overall score 5.5/10 (down 0.5)
Cantina Laredo

Chris Pople - Cheese & Biscuits

What did he think? A standard Mexican that charges way too much.
Choice quote: "The thing is, none of the food was actively disgusting or cooked badly (apart from the chicken) or even anything less than tasty, it just wasn't worth anywhere near the prices they're charging."
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Michelle Court - View London

What did she think? Nondescript interior, but worth it for the Guacamole.
Choice quote: "...the guacamole is undeniably fresh – certainly one of the contenders for the freshest guacamole in the capital."
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